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Life is full of opportunities that can radically change your course of action. IGNITE is a required freshman event filled with all kinds of opportunities to enhance and enrich your university experience. You will be meeting new friends, faculty, staff members and administrators. You'll be challenged by the speakers, mentored by student leaders, and blessed by Pastor Sam.

You will be listening to new student survivors – classmates who have been where you are now and want to help you avoid the road blocks. You will develop close friendship with your new classmates. But I think the best part of IGNITE is pretty simply this...You will be experiencing first hand the blessings of being a community that not only learns together, and plays together (Go Golden Eagles!) but also takes the time to worship together as well. Looking forward to meeting you!

Yami Bazan
Vice President for Student Life

More About Ignite

IGNITE is an event designed to welcome new students to the University community. Upon arrival you will be placed in a family group that will serve as your mentor group for the quarter. Expect to connect with administration, faculty, staff, and peers as you gain a better understanding of the amazing resources available to students at La Sierra University…and yes come ready to have FUN! This is a required event for all incoming freshman. Registration is online and check-in will occur on-campus, Wednesday September 24, 8:00am - 1:00pm. Students will be transported, via buses, to Pine Summit Camp in Big Bear, and will return to campus on Friday, September 26 by 2:00pm.

What is IGNITE?

  • Freshman orientation to the campus, college life, and the La Sierra University culture
  • A chance to bond and make connections with other students, staff, and campus leaders
  • A beginning to what we hope will be a memorable relationship!

What can you expect?

A family group of 10-12 students

  • Playing games
  • Building trust
  • Sharing hopes, dreams, fears, and, life-tips!


  • Informative: Dating 101, The Risks of Living Life “High”, Harassment NOT accepted!
  • Fun: How to get involved, who do you need to KNOW on campus, how to reach them!

Games! Games! Games!

  • Board games
  • Ping pong, air hockey
  • Outdoor activities: human foosball, basketball, volleyball, lets not forget…Paintball!


  • Like you’ve never experienced before…TRUST US!

Living in the Residence Halls – CONGRATS!!!

Local residential students will be allowed to move-in to the dorms by Tuesday, September 23. The Eagles' Landing will be from 8:00am - 5:00pm. Out of state students can make earlier accommodations with your Residential Dean!


The cost for IGNITE is included in the freshman class fee on your fall quarter financial statement. If for any reason you will not be able to attend, you will need to submit your exemption request online, through the registration form, with proper documentation. Please know you will still be charged the Orientation fee regardless of your attendance to IGNITE – Mt. High Experience!