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Information Technology

Protocols for LSU Church Events


Because of the expansiveness of the technology, it takes a minimum of 3 people ($15 per hour each) to run an event with Audio, Lighting, and Video Recording. A crew complement of 7-8 is preferred for the best experience.  With large amounts of technology and an expansive environment, organization and people are key to making an event go off smoothly.

Here's what you need to do to make the event go as smoothly as possible.


  1. Arrange reservation of the Church through the Church Office. (951-345-7095)  They will put a hold on your reservation until you complete step 2.
  2. Fill out an AV work order.  http://lasierra.edu/av  Please specify any details such as number of mics, or special requests for technology that may be atypical to a program. After personelle availability is confirmed, we will approve your work order
  3. When the AV work order is approved, the church will then release the hold on your reservation with them.
  4. Arrange with Security (951-785-2222) to open the Church for your event.
  5. Let us know what sound requirements you have, especially things that are "out of the ordinary" or "complicated". Stage Diagrams often help with more extensive setups. Graphics and Videos can be sent to email or brought on a "Thumb Drive" 30 minutes before the program starts. (See Below for Details)
  6. On the day of your event, please have all participants arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the event for an orientation of the microphones, lapel positioning, and any last minute details that may come up.  For more complicated setups, we ask the bands arrive 1-2 hours in advance.

It's our desire to make sure your program runs smoothly and that things just "work.


The La Sierra University Church is equipped with

  • 12 wireless microphones or Lapels
  • Laptop Audio Plug In (1/8in Jack)
  • Installed choir microphones
  • Condenser type mics for instruments
  • Direct Connections for Guitars/Pianos via 1/4 inch jack.
  • Patch Panel for bringing in sources from other locations in the sanctuary
  • 32 Channel Mixing Board

In order to assist us in a smooth setup please provide the following information:

  1. Printed Flowsheet (Order of Service)
  2. Microphones you need for voices (Handheld or Label)
  3. Types of Instruments you need to mic/amplify
  4. Monitors you need (Bands and Singing groups)
  5. Stage Diagram (If necessary)


The La Sierra University Church Graphics is equipped with:

  • Laptop/ video distribution throughout the church
  • 2 large projectors
  • Trancept and Trancept Balcony Screens for better viewing angles
  • ProPresenter and Keynote Enabled Mac, and a Mediashout/Power Point Enabled PC.

Information that we need:

  • Flow Sheet (Order of Service)
  • Any Slides that you want up in either Power Point, Keynote, or JPG/PNG pictures. Please format them as 1024x768.  This could include:
    • Names of People
    • Slides for Events During the Program
    • Scripture
    • Advertisements for other programs

The video clips must be in the following format:

  • .mp4/m4v/mov container
  • h.264 Codec or similar
  • Playable by quicktime player
  • Brought on a thumbdrive at least 30-45 minutes before your program


The La Sierra University Church Lighting is equipped with a full array of white stage lights as well as Stage and Background LED Color Lights. A couple of notes.

  1. For a full crew, a lighting board worker is provided.  Please feel free to communicate any stylistic changes 30 minutes before the program.
  2. For a small crew, lighting presets are used.  There are 10 options for presets.  We can't change these. LED Color Lighting is also not available.


The La Sierra University Church is equipped with complete standard definition video mixing system.

Streaming can be provided to the La Sierra University "Watch Live" site.  Operation of system system requires a minimum of two people, but needs at least 5 people to get the best shots.

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