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Information Technology

Specific Acceptable Uses

Acceptable Uses:

* Communication and exchange necessary to transact or facilitate University business.

* Announcements of University activities or other important items of information related to academic interests.

* Communication incidental to otherwise acceptable use, except as stated below

Examples of Unacceptable Uses

* For-profit activities, except those operated or specifically authorized by La Sierra University. Personal or business advertising of any kind is not permitted.

* Extensive use for private or personal business.

* Advertising is forbidden. However, responsible discussion of a product’s relative advantages and disadvantages by users of the product is permitted.

* Unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, removal and/or disclosure of data, information, equipment, software, or systems.

* Deliberate over-extension of the resources of a system or interference with the processing of a system.

* Attempts to access confidential information and/or passwords.

* Activities which violate copyright law, including but not limited to downloading copyrighted MP3s, videos, movies, and software, etc.

* Disclosure of confidential passwords and/or access devices or information for accounts, equipment, and telephone voice mail.

* Issuance of electronic mail that includes commercial advertisements, viruses/trojans, hoaxes, or chain letters.

* Propagation of hate literature and harassment, including sexual harassment.

* Theft of resources.

* Malicious or unethical use, and use that violates University policy and regulations or state or federal laws.

* Chain mail of any kind.

* Assigning of addresses not specifically granted by IT

* The operation of any non-educational server or service offering or transferring data in a public manner onto the Internet. This includes but is not limited to HTTP, FTP, mail/news, programs such as Gnutella or Napster (in server modes), etc.

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