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Question 1: I want to sign up myself and my family on the AT&T contract to get the merchandise and monthly service fee discount.  How do I do that?


  1. Go to the La Sierra University Self-Service site,
  2. Then log-in using your University username and password
  3. Click on "Employees" or  "Students"
  4. The look for the Link "AT&T Wireless Portal". This will take you directly to the At&t site for La Sierra University

Question 2: Is there a discount on the equipment purchases and monthly service fees?

  • If you are purchasing an iPhone there is no discount for the phone. Accessories have a discount of 25% for a 2-Year contract, 10% for a 1-Year, and 5% for anything less than 1-year.

  • The monthly service fee discount is 20% if the phone is owned and paid for by the university; 15% if the phone is owned and paid for by you; and 10% for students.

  • If you have a current AT&T plan that is older than 30 days, there will be a one time fee of $45.00 to transfer your plan to the discount plan.
  • If you have a current account with AT&T you may not be eligable for equipment upgrade/discount.

Question 3: Is there a penalty to transfer my University Verizon phone to AT&T?

  • If your phone is less than two years old, the department most likely will have to pay the early termination fee up to $175.00.  It will be up to your department as to if they will pay for this fee to cancel the contract early.

Question 4: What wireless coverage does AT&T have?

Question 5: Is there an on-line portal where i can sign up for service?

  • There is a special AT&T wireless portal for La Sierra University Employees and Students. You can access it from the self-service login.

Question 6: What will be the process once your department decides to transfer from Verizon to AT&T.

  • The IT Department will need to know who is transferring over to AT&T in order to provide our AT&T rep the phone number and person’s name.  AT&T will then send us the phones and we will activate them just as we do for the Verizon phones.  We will receive the phones, make an appointment for you to meet with you to make the transfer.  When we make the transfer, you will need to have your current Verizon phone turned off.  That is why we need to make an appointment to meet.  Once we call ATT customer service to activate the new phone (with your existing Verizon phone number), the new phone will be activated, the old Verizon phone will be deactivated, and you start programming in your contact listing.

Question 7: I already have an AT&T wireless plan can i get the discount?

  • Yes you can, however when you enroll your current plan at&t will reset your contract lengh to 2-yearsand there will be some cost to transfer your current plan. But you may not be eligable for an equipment upgrade discount. If you want to upgrade your phone you may have to pay FULL price for the new phone.




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