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Information Technology

Google Drive

Google Drive is an exciting new integration from Google that allows each La Sierra University account to have 5 GB of space.  The advantage of Google over other solutions such at DropBox or Box is that Google has Document Sharing/editing fuctionality as well as storage. Google Drive is an EXCELLENT way for students to have documents, pictures, and videos available at any time and anywhere there is internet access.  Google Drive is unsuceptable to hard drive crashes and available 24/7 from any computer on campus.

Some examples of uses for Google Drive


  • Saving classwork to print at MICOL
  • Having a backup of all papers written at La Sierra University
  • Transfering documents, pictures, and small movies between two computers
  • Sharing Documents between other students to work on a paper together.
  • Sharing Forms and collecting data for research (from a legitimate La Sierra University email address)

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