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International Business: A List of Web Sites



International Business Directory

A collection of sources and links related to international business.

International Business Resources on the WWW

An extensive and searchable list of Internet resources related to international business.

 Nyenrode Business Information Services.

A European list of information resources on international business. See in particular the section on International trade - International Guide - Import/Export

A guide on international businesses for small enterprises.

Starting Point International Business

A collection of links related to international business.



Claims to be "the Internet's largest global business directory!" It is a searchable database of businesses.

Forbes International 500

Forbes Magazine annual directory of International corporations. Each company is ranked, contact information provided, and a basic description provided including information on revenue, assets, stock price, earnings, and profitability.

Fortune Global 500.

Information about the World's largest corporations

PR Newswire

PR Newswire specializes in the global electronic distribution of news releases to the media and the financial community. 


Asian Business Watch

ABW is a comprehensive jump-station to sources of economic and investment information in Asia and the Pacific, including Australia.

Business Week Online

Weekly newsmagazine concerning U.S. and international business. Includes a section on global business.

Center for Global Trade Development

Extensive help for exporters, international traders, marketers, manufacturers

CIA World Factbook 1998.

Provides useful background information about each country in the world.

Country Commercial Guides for U.S. Investors

Country Commercial Guides from the U.S. Department of Commerce Web site. Detailed information regarding many countries that every business person planning or doing business in that country should know about.

Emerging Markets Directory

Provides selected links for those interested in the emerging markets of Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.


A Tutorial on how to succeed on export business and international trade. This program was developed by Michigan State University, International Business Center.

Global Information Network

Advertises itself as "The Search Engine for Global Business"

Global Information Network for Small and Medium Enterprises

Part of the G-7 Information Society Pilot Project "A Global Marketplace for SMEs."

IMEX Exchange

FREE international trade information and other business resources. IMEX stands for "Internet International Business Exchange." The mission of this organization is "promoting international trade on the Internet, and through international trade, cooperation and understanding between nations"

Information Market--Europe

Source created by the European Commission Host Organization (ECHO). It provides access to information on the development of the European electronic information services market.

International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce

The IBCC is a world forum where chamber of commerce executives from industrial and developing countries and the economies in transition can exchange experience and expertise. The IBCC also represents chambers worldwide in contacts with intergovernmental organizations and other international bodies.

 International Commerce

Free international business and finance news from CNNfn.

International Financial Encyclopaedia

Described as the "World's only interactive financial encyclopaedia." Provides information and definitions on financial terminology.

International Small Business Consortium

ISBC is an Internet/WWW-based resource serving small and medium-sized enterprises in 100 countries.

International Trade Administration

The International Trade Administration is dedicated to helping U.S. businesses compete in the global market place." This Web site has a wide variety of sources regarding international business and export related information.

Internet Access for International Business, Economics, Marketing and Trade Information

An international list of Internet sources compiled by the Agricultural Trade and Marketing Information Center National Agricultural Library

Internet Business Library

University of Kansas meta-link to Internet Resources in Business and Economics


The International Business Resource Connection (IBRC) is recommended to small- and medium-sized companies that want to enter international markets. This resource is operated by the School of Business of the University of Kansas.

Market Access and Compliance (MAC On-Line)

Formerly the Global Export Market Information System (GEMS), this site provides U.S. companies with the fullest range of information on accessing foreign markets.

Market Potential Indicators for Emerging Markets

An indexing study by the Michigan State University, Center for International Business Education and Research (MSU-CIBER) to help the companies to compare the Emerging Markets with each other on several dimensions. Seven dimensions are chosen to represent the market potential of a country over a scale of 1 to 100, and they are given weights to contribute to the overall market potential index.

Mondaq Business Briefing

 Formerly known as Business Monitor, this Web site provides access to a large library of documents related to International trade and finance.

Online Intelligence Project

Recommended for big corporations. This one-stop source of international business news provides a global view of markets. The information is organized by region.

Small Business Administration Guide to Exporting

Documents from the United States government

Trade Compass

"Gateway to International Commerce." Includes a wide variety of sources, services and news related to international business.


Described as the one stop source for any trade related information including research on any country in the world. It contains country commercial guides, demographics, market research reports, economic policies and trade practices, economic trends and outlook, trade barriers, investment climate, contact lists, and more. The site requires registration (free).

U.S. International Trade Commission

The USITC is an independent, quasi-judicial federal agency that provides objective trade expertise to both the legislative and executive branches of government, determines the impact of imports on U.S. industries, and directs actions against certain unfair trade practices, such as patent, trademark, and copyright infringement. USITC analysts and economists investigate and publish reports on U.S. industries and the global trends that affect them. The agency also updates and publishes the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States.

U.S. International Trade Statistics

Extensive statistical information and documentation related to the U.S. trade with other nations.

World Network of Chambers of Commerce and Industry

The World Chambers Network (WCN) updates the Chamber of Commerce Network and brings together the information from other four organizations: the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC: which includes the International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce, IBCC), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris (CCIP), the Global Management Center of the Trade Information Network of the UN/G77 Chamber of Commerce (GMC/TIN), and the International Business Network, Ltd. (IBNET). 



The AsiaOne home page lists daily stock values for a variety of international stocks, including their opening and closing values, trading volume, and daily changes. Summaries of select stocks and links to Asian business publications can be accessed.

Market Places and Quotations

Information about the stock exchanges in many different countries.

Nikkeinet Interactive

Extensive coverage of events and data on Japan's leading exchange along with company data and directories and market share reports. 


Currency Exchange

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Future and Options Prices Futures and options prices updated approximately every 10 minutes.

Currencies of the World

Currencies listed by country. A World Wide Web service provided by the PACIFIC (Policy Analysis Computing & Information Policy In Commerce) at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

 OANDA Currency Converter

Free currency converter, all 164 world currencies, charts, advanced foreign exchange forecast, trader advisories.


Revised March 1999