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The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is the electronic version of the card catalog. This new method of access to the Library collection provides faster retrieval. Another advantage of the OPAC is that it offers the possibility of finding items that could not be located through the traditional card catalog. In addition to the usual card catalog access points, namely author, title and subject, with this new tool Library users can retrieve books and other materials through searches by keyword, call number, and ISBN. OPAC searches can be narrowed by adding limits such as date, material type, location, and language. The subject headings used in the card catalog are still valid in the new OPAC.

The OPAC is available through public stations located in the Library or through any computer connected to the Campus Network or the Internet. You can reach the OPAC via the Web at or through a Telnet connection at (login as library).

Relevant library materials are listed on the OPAC these suggested subject headings:

Broad Terms:

Business enterprises
Business enterprises, Foreign
Corporations, Foreign
Economic development
Export marketing
Foreign exchange
International business enterprises
International economic relations
International finance
Investments, Foreign

See also these subheadings under the broad terms above:

-- Accounting
-- Developing countries
-- Directories
-- Finance,
-- Handbooks
-- Management
-- (Name of country, group of countries, or region)
Narrow Terms:
European Economic Community countries
International trade
Joint ventures

(Name of country, group of countries, or region)


 The library holds current subscriptions to more than 1500 periodicals. In addition, the library has backfiles to these and nearly 2000 non-current titles. The List of Serials is a complete record of titles and issues which the Library holds. Before going to the periodical stacks on the third floor (west), it is wise to consult this source first to see if the Library holds the particular year or issue you require. A comprehensive listing of the education-related journals in the collection may be found in the colored pages at the back of the List of Serials.


Indexes and abstracts provide subject access to periodicals, dissertations, and reviews. In this library, abstracts are arranged in alphabetical order by title at the end of the cataloged Reference collection. The indexes are cataloged as part of the Reference collection. Some are located on the index tables in front of the Reference desk, and others are shelved in the Reference stacks. The following are a sample of titles which provide relevant information in the area of business.

Business Periodicals IndexRef. Z 7164 C81 B983(Index table)

 "The Business Periodicals Indexis a cumulative index to English language periodicals....Subject fields indexed include accounting, advertising and marketing, agriculture, banking, building, chemical industry, communications, computer technology and applications, drug and cosmetic industries, economics, electronics, finance and investments, industrial relations, insurance, international business, management, personnel administration, occupational health and safety, paper and pulp industries, petroleum and gas industries, printing and publishing, public relations, public utilities, real estate, regulation of industry, retailing, taxation, transportation, and other specific businesses, industries, and trades."

 PAIS International In Print Ref. Z 7163 P91

 "PAIS Indexes are concerned with public policy issues and emphasize factual and statistical information. ...Business topics are extensively covered, with emphasis on economic factors, industry surveys, business-societal interactions and similar issues, rather than details of business operations. ...In all appropriate subject fields, international comparisons and international relations are included." Types of materials indexed include journals, books, microfiche, publications of international organizations, and government documents, including documents published by governments outside the United States.

 Wall Street Journal Index Ref. HG 1 W26

 "The Wall Street Journal Index provides abstracts and comprehensive indexing of all articles in the 3-Star Eastern Edition of The Wall Street Journal.....Indexed material includes news items, columns, feature articles, editorials, letters to the editor, obituaries, certain tabular information, earnings reports, dividend reports, and arts reviews. Items not selected for indexing include most stock tables and any editorial cartoons. For many columns that cover a variety of topics (e.g. Credit Markets, World Markets), only the main topic is indexed."


In addition to printed indexes and abstracts, the Library provides access to numerous databases on a variety of topics. The power of the computer applied to the task of finding specific information in periodicals can save time and often retrieve important information that would be missed otherwise.

L.S.U. Databases Relevant to Business and to International Trade

ABI/INFORM, available through PROQUEST DIRECT, is a database that provides in-depth coverage of business conditions, trends, corporate strategies and tactics, management techniques, competitive and product information, and a wide variety of other topics including international trade. It gives you informative indexing and substantive abstracts to articles from more than 1,000 leading business and management publications, including over 350 English-language titles from outside the U.S. Hundreds of the journals indexed are available in full text format.

EBSCO ACADEMIC SEARCH FULL TEXT, is a cross-discipline database covering a wide variety of academic areas but with a strong focus on business. However, including business, social sciences, humanities, science, and education. One of the strongest subject areas is business. It indexes over 3,100 periodicals, including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor.This database also features the full text for over 1,000 periodicals.


The OCLC FirstSearch service is a collection of about 60 online databases covering a wide variety of academic disciplines. These databases are grouped into a few very broad areas of knowledge including one covering business and economics. You can find business and international trade information in the following databases:



Pagell, Ruth and Michael Halperin. International Business Information: How to Find It, How to Use It. Phoenix: Oryx Press, 1994. Ref. HF 54.5 P33 1994

 "International Business Information describes key international business publications and databases, and provides the subject background needed to understand them. The book is designed to be a practical guide for the researcher...."

 Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

 Rosenberg, Jerry M. Dictionary of International Trade. New York: John Wiley, 1994. Ref. HF 1373 R67 1994

 "This work reaches throughout the world, incorporating terms from both government and private-sector organizations, making this dictionary an all-inclusive lexicon of international commerce. Among the areas receiving special attention are regional trading blocs, including the European Community, the European Free Trade Association, the North American Free Trade Agreement, those of Central and South America, and the Pacific Rim. Special attention is given to terms used by U.S. governmental agencies and by the General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade, representing, as of this printing, 114 nations."

Miller, William J. Encyclopedia of International Commerce. Centreville, MD: Cornell Maritime Press, 1985. Ref. HF 1001 M55 1985

This encyclopedia aims to provide "a cross section of terminology of the various aspects of international trade--marketing, taxation, shipping, law, accounting, etc." Appendices are: Statutes; Symbols and Abbreviations; Directories; Textual Materials; Statistical and Financial Data; and Taxes. These appendices include unique lists of information such as: International Packing Symbols and Cautionary Marks, Foreign Chambers of Commerce in the U.S., National Standards Bodies, full text of the Shipping Act of 1916, etc.

Gray, S.J, M.C. McDermott, and E.J. Walsh. Handbook of International Business and Management. Cambridge, MA: Basil Blackwell, 1990. Ref. HD 2755.5 G73 1990

Contains a selection of key terms and concepts in the area of international business. Information and analysis of major international companies and organizations is also provided.

Presner, Lewis. The International Business Dictionary and Reference. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1991. Ref. HF 1359 P74 1991

Definitions range from one or two sentences to a paragraph in length. The scope of this work is interdisciplinary, covering International Marketing, International Law, International Economics, International Banking and Finance, International Physical Distribution and Logistics, and International Relations/Politics.


 Encyclopedia of Associations: International Organizations.Annual.New York: Gale Research. Ref. HS 17 G31

"Since 1956, the Encyclopedia of Associations has provided comprehensive information on national organizations headquartered in the United States. International Organizations extends the geographic scope of the Encyclopedia of Associations series by providing contact information and descriptions for multinational and binational organizations and national groups based outside the United States. Organizations...serve as constant measures of global and national concerns...Non-profit organizations: Serve as vehicles through which national groups or countries themselves solve problems or advance special interests; Act as clearinghouses for the exchange of new technology, research findings, and information; Promote dialogue and discussion on a broad range of topics; and Facilitate international trade and commerce.... International Organizations now covers more than 15,500 entries headquartered in 200 countries."

Hoover’s Handbook of World Business. Austin, TX: The Reference Press, 1997. Ref. HG 4009 H66 1998

Published as a companion volume to Hoover’s Handbook of American Business, this handbook contains profiles of approximately 200 companies, 5 regions of the world, 66 countries, and the United Nations. In the profiles, several statistics and indexes are provided for comparing quality of life across countries: the UN Human Development Index, which combines measures of longevity, knowledge, and living standards; the Human Freedom Index, which measures the level of political freedom and human rights; and purchasing power as a percentage of U.S. purchasing power, and cost of living as a percentage of the cost of living in new York City. Essays in the introductory section, called "Navigating the New World Order," cover trade and the global economy, trends, and investing abroad. Numerous lists and rankings of companies are provided, including a list of non-U.S. company stocks available through U.S. stock markets.

 Hoover’s Masterlist of Major Latin American Compnaies. Austin, TX: The Reference Press, 1996. Ref. HG 4091.5 Z65 H669 1996

Collects information on the largest and most important compoanies in 18 Latin American countries. These 1400-plus companies have annual sales of over $600 billion. Information for each company includes address, phone & fax numbers, annual income, sales/asset figures, number of employees, name of CEO, and a brief description of the company’s main activities. 

Moody’s International Manual. NJ: Moody’s Investors Service. Ref. HG 4009 M66

Provides detailed financial information on foreign corporations. Arranged by country. Includes background fiscal data on countries covered (such as national product, import/export information, price indexes, exchange rates, etc.). Comes in two volumes, with accompanying binder on "International News Reports."

Principal International Businesses. NJ: Dun and Bradstreet, 1988. Ref. HF 54 U5 P74 1988

Comprehensive international (i.e. foreign) business directory; lists businesses by country, by SIC code, and Alphabetically. Provides such information as brief description of product or service, number of employees, address, chief executive and approximate sales (in local currency).

 World Chamber of Commerce Directory. (Annual) Loveland, CO: World Chamber of Commerce Directory. Ref. HF 294 W75

This directory provides addresses and phone numbers for Chambers of Commerce throughout the United States and internationally. Also includes State Boards of Tourism, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Economic Development Oraganizations, Canadian Chambers of Commerce, American Chambers of Commerce Abroad, Foreign Tourist Information Bureaus, Foreign & Ethnic Chambers of Commerce in the U.S., Foreign Chambers of Commerce, Foreign Embassies in the U.S., and U.S. Embassies.


The Economist Book of Vital World Statistics. New York: Times Books, 1990.

 Ref. HC 59 W634 1990

Comparative statistics are presented in the following areas: Demography; Economic Strength; Agriculture and food; Industry and energy; Commodities; Transport and communications; Government finance; Inflation and finance; Trade and balance of payments; Debt and aid; Employment; Education; Health; Family Life; Environment.

Handbook of International Trade and Development Statistics, Supplement 1987. New York: United Nations, 1988. Ref. HF 1010 U58 1988

"The Handbook is intended to provide a complete basic collection of statistical data relevant to the analysis of world trade and development." Part 1: Value, growth and shares of world trade in current prices, trade balances, intra-trade by region. Part 2: Volume, unit value, and terms of trade indices for developed and developing countries and territories by region and economic grouping; commodity and manufactured goods price indices; consumer price indices. Part 3: Network of world trade: summary by selected regions of origin and destination; export and import structure by selected commodity groups. Part 4: Export and import structure by commodity and by country; major exports of developing countries and territories by leading exporters. Part 5: Balance of payments, financial resource flows and external indebtedness. Part 6: Some basic indicators of development. Part 7: Special studies. Annex A: Network of world exports by selected commodity classes and regions of origin and destination.

 Mitchell, B.R. International Historical Statistics: Europe, 1750-1988. 3rd ed. New York: Stockton Press, 1992. Ref. HA 1107 M5 1992

Provides statistical information for countries of both western and eastern Europe. Main sections cover: Population & Vital Statistics; Labor Force; Agriculture; Industry; External Trade; Transportation; Communications; Finance; Prices; Education; and National Accounts.

The Statesman’s Year-Book: Statistical and Historical Annual of the States of the World for the Year [date]. Annual.New York: St. Martin’s Press. Ref. JA 51 S7

"...this year-book provides data on the political, economic, and cultural status of nations of the world, foreign states and territories, and international organizations. For each country, information is included on history, area and population, climate, constitution and government, defense, international relations, economy, energy and natural resources, industry and trade, foreign economic relations, communications, justice, religion, education and welfare, and diplomatic representatives. There is good coverage of the countries of the former Soviet Union and the newly formed Commonwealth of Independent States. Information is also provided on the history, membership, and objectives of all major international organizations, and a special chart presents the balance total for the world’s top 50 banks. Entries vary in length from 3 pages for Nepal to 18 for Germany, and each concludes with a reading list for further information."

Statistical Abstract of Latin America. Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center Publications. Ref. HA 935 S8

Part 1 includes tabular information on: Geography & Land Tenure; Transportation & Communications; Population, Health, Education & Welfare; Politics, Religion & Military; Working Conditions & Migration; and Legal & Illegal Industry. Part 2 covers Mining & Energy; Foreign Trade; Financial Flows; National Accounts, Government Policies & Finance; and Prices. Data are generally given for individual countries in the region. The LSU Library’s holdings are for the years 1957, 1962, 1963, 1977, 1980.

 Statistical Abstract of the United States [year]. U.S. Bureau of the Census. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1878-. Annual. Ref. HA 202

Section 28, Foreign Commerce and Aid, presents data on the flow of goods, services, and capital between the United States and other countries; changes in official reserve assets of the United States, international investments; foreign assistance programs; and import duties. Section 30, Comparative International Statistics, contains more than 50 tables giving figures for the world as a whole and for many countries on a comparative basis with the U.S. Kinds of statistics given here are world maps; vital statistics; households, health, education; economic measures. Appendix 1 includes a Guide to Foreign Statistical Abstracts.

Statistical Yearbook. United Nations. Department of Economic and Social Development. New York: United Nations, 1948-. Annual. Ref. AZ 361 U45

"Published by the Statistical Office of the United Nations, the Yearbook provides internationally comparable statistics for U.N. member countries, with tables typically covering 10 years.... Part 1 aggregates for the world and major regions such economic and social statistics as population, employment, wages and prices, balance of payment, inflation, external trade, energy, mining, manufacturing, communications, culture, food supply, education, health, and housing. Subsequent parts aggregate statistics by country and area, with Part 2 containing population and social statistics, Part 3 reporting economic activity, and Part 4 covering international economic relations. The massive quantities of data compiled and manipulated cause a delay in publication."

U.S. Exports: Schedule E Commodity by Country. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, December 1986. Ref. HF 105 C13714 1986/12

"The export statistics reflect both government and nongovernment exports of domestic and foreign merchandise.... In general, the statistics record the physical movement of merchandise out of the United States to foreign countries."

U.S. General Imports and Imports For Consumption: Schedule A Commodity by Country. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, December 1986. Ref. HF 105 C13733 1986/12

"The import statistics reflect both government and nongovernment imports of merchandise.... In general, the statistics record the physical movement of merchandise into the United States from foreign countries."

 World Economic Outlook. Annual. Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund. Ref. HC 10 W7979

"World Economic Outlookgives an overview of the performance and prospects for the global economy. It includes approx. 50 tables of 10-year time series of economic variables with short-range (1 year) projections. Medium-range (2-4 years) projections are given for a few measures such as GDP. The tables are divided into industrial countries and developing countries. Country detail is available only for the G-7 industrial nations. This titles also includes a series of "annexes" that contain brief discussions of specialized economic topics. The 1992 report, for example, contained a discussion of the Maastrict Agreement on economic and monetary union and a paper on the accuracy of World Economic Outlookprojections." LSU Library holds this title every other year from 1982 to 1996.

Central Intelligence Agency. The World Factbook. Washington, DC: Brassey’s, 1994. Ref. G 122 U56a 1994-95

"The World Factbookincludes 1-page economic, social, political, and demographic descriptions for every nation in the world plus descriptions of dependent areas (e.g., Puerto Rico). Also describes areas such as the West Bank and Antarctica. Particularly useful is the 1-page summary for "The World." Estimates of many hard-to-find economic and demographic aggregates can be found here, including "Gross World Product", world literacy, and infant mortality. In an appendix, the Factbook includes capsule descriptions of formal and informal international organizations."

see also Europa World Yearbookin the following section.



Area Handbook Series/Country Study Series. Washington, DC: U.S. Dept. of the Army, 1975-. call number varies

"Under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Army, this country-by-country series is now written by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress and published under the title [country], a Country Study. Each book deals with a single country, describing and analyzing its political, economic, and social institutions and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors. Particular attention is paid to the dominant beliefs and values of the people who make up the society, their origins, their common interests (and the issues on which they are divided), and their attitudes toward their social system and political order. Each volume begins with a five-to six page country profile and includes a map, photographs, statistical information, a lengthy bibliography, and a glossary. The approximately 100 studies in the series are revised and updated on an irregular basis." To find this series in the LSU Library, do a word search in the online catalog for "country study", click the limit button, and enter "G.P.O." in the publisher field.

The Arthur Andersen North American Business Sourcebook. Chicago: Triumph Books, 1994. Ref. HF 1746 A78 1994

A comprehensive guide to regional and cross-border trading in North America. Part I covers North America as a whole, including extensive information on the implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Part II covers Mexico, Part III the United States, and Part IV Canada. Information on each country includes the following sections: Doing Business In..., Regional Overviews, Key Industries and Their Trade Potential, and Key Contacts, Resources and Publications.

The Big Emerging Markets : 1996 Outlook and Sourcebook.Lanham, MD: Bernan Press in conjunction with the National Technical Information Service, 1995. Ref. HF1379 .B55 1996

Produced by the U.S. International Trade Administration, this work focuses on the following areas: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, ASEAN, Chinese Economic Area, India, South Korea, Poland, South Africa and Turkey.

 The Canadian Trade and Investment Guide. Toronto: Financial Post Information Service, 1989. Ref. HF 3224 C36 1989

"Specialists writing in the book address Canada’s economic performance, markets, technological infrastructure, as well as its emerging opportunities under free trade. They describe aspects of the country’s legal and regulatory environment. And they examine regional and specific sector opportunities to illustrate the diverse advantages offered by a business location in Canada."

Winsor, Anita. The Complete Guide to Doing Business in Mexico. New York: American Management Association. Ref. HF 3066 W74 1994

This guide covers the following areas: business customs, state profiles, the tax system, the labor force, the financial system, importing and exporting regulations, intellectual property protection, establishing a maquiladora, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and a directory of resources.

Morrison, Terri. Dun & Bradstreet’s Guide to Doing Business Around the World. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1997. Ref. HF 1416 M78 1997

This handy guide, organized by country, provides basic facts and statisticical information on each country, a list of current leaders, and contacts such as embassies and tourism offices. The sections on cultural tips and politcal and religious/societal influences are especially helpful.

Searing, James S. Ernst & Young Resource Guide to Global Markets. New York: John Wiley, 1992. Ref. HF 1379 V36 1992

Section 1 includes essays on "Current Key Issues in International Business" (including NAFTA, GATT, and Europe 1992.) Section 2 offers "Regional Overviews and Country Profiles," including demographic, economic and foreign trade statistics. Section 3 is a "Glossary of Common International Business Terms," while other sections list government agencies and other sources of assistance and information.

The Europa World Yearbook.. Annual. 2 Vols. London: Europa Publications. Ref. JN 1 E85

Political, economic, commercial, social information on individual countries. Worldwide coverage. Extensive information on international organizations.

International Marketing Handbook.Frank E. Bair, ed. 3rd ed. Detroit, MI: Gale Research, 1988. (3 vol.) Ref. HF 1416 I63 1988

Contains detailed marketing profiles for 142 countries (including information on trade regulations and customs, industry trends, taxation, transportation, business travel, etc.). Also includes general information on importing and exporting, doing business in specific regions (Eastern Europe, Near East, and North Africa, etc.), and other special topics.

OECD Economic Surveys. Paris: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. HC 240 O7

"The OECD publishes separate economic surveys on each of its member countries on a two-year cycle. It publishes, in addition, surveys of some Eastern European countries, including Hungary, Poland, and the former Czechoslovakia. The Surveys review the most important economic developments for the past few years, give short-term projections, and include extensive statistical appendices."

Price Waterhouse Information Guide Series. Doing Business in [country name]. New York: Price Waterhouse, 1961-. call number varies

"These country-specific guidebooks are published for more than 80 countries in which Price Waterhouse firms operate or have established offices. The series has been published by this Big Six accounting and consulting firm for many years, and the booklets are updated periodically. Each title focuses on the investment climate of a particular country. Important facts are given about the country including local customs, living standards, cultural and economic information, business environment, and opportunities for trade and foreign investment. Structure of the banking system, forms of business enterprise, and information about labor relations and social security are also covered. In addition, overviews of audit requirements, accounting principles and practices, the tax system, and tax treaties are provided. Numerous appendices, which vary by country, contain tax rates, checklists, reading lists, or other pertinent information." To find these titles in the LSU library, do a title search in the online catalog for "Doing business in", click the limit button, and enter "Price Waterhouse" in the publisher field.

World Business & Economic Review. 4th ed. London: Kogan Page, 1995. Ref. HF 5001 W67 1995

Brief comparative data tables at the front of this volume include information on world currencies and world indicators. A country by country review follows for over 225 countries, including all the newly formed states of eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Each entry includes a political and economic survey, key facts and indicators, a country profile, business guide, and business directory.


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