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Ordering Library Materials

The Department of Technical Services processes book orders, and catalogs and prepares books for the Library collections and for use by faculty, students and others. Faculty participate in the collections development activities of the Library by submitting requests for new materials. You may expect regular communications on the status of books orders and new materials added to the collection.

Book Orders/Requests. Book orders take an average of six to eight weeks to fill. Some may take up to 12 weeks, depending upon availability and source from which the item must be ordered. Therefore book order must be submitted well in advance of anticipated need. Book orders/requests should be submitted on Library supplied forms in order to expedite processing.

You may request forms by calling x2402. Please follow the procedures below when submitting orders/requests:

  1. Complete the book order form as completely as possible.
  2. Send the completed form to Kitty Simmons, the Acquisitions Librarian.
  3. If the Library already holds the title requested, the form will be returned to you with the status noted.
  4. Forms for books found to be out-of-print will also be returned with the status noted.

Book order status. Faculty may be notified when books that have been requested are received, cataloged and made ready for circulation. A copy of the order form will serve as confirmation that the books are available for circulation. All order slips from faculty will be returned through the respective department chair on a monthly basis, rather than to original requester.

Choice Cards. Cards containing brief reviews of books from the publication Choice will be sent on a monthly basis to department chairs. These are intended to be used by faculty as an aid in book selection. Bibliographic information for Choice books should be transferred to a book order card and submitted to the Library.

Publisher's Announcements. A large number of publishers announcements of new and forthcoming books are received by the Library. These are available for faculty browsing. When appropriate and as time permits, some of these may be sent to individual faculty for their notification and consideration.

Acquisitions list. A monthly list of books recently received and added to Library collections is made available to faculty via the Library Website. This list includes purchased, as well as gift books. The list is subdivided by general Library of Congress classification for the purpose of general classification. The list does not necessarily reflect the academic divisions of the University and the departments that might have ordered the items.

Book Jackets. During processing book jackets are removed. These are distributed to departments on the basis of their perceived topical relevance. As with the acquisitions list, the distribution to a particular department does not necessarily indicate that the book has been charged to that departmental book account.

Personal Book Orders. As a service and benefit to faculty, the Library will order books for personal use. Discounts may range as high as 30 percent however; no specific discount is guaranteed. The Library's prorated charge for shipping and tax will be added to your cost.

Normally you should expect orders to take 6 weeks for fulfillment. Please note the following procedures when making a personal purchase request:

  1. Submit personal orders on standard book order cards.
  2. Clearly mark "PERSONAL" in the space for "Fund."
  3. The Library will notify you when the book has been received and you should expect to pay for the item with cash or a personal check at the time you pick it up.

Journal Order Requests. Faculty may also submit requests for new journals that support classroom instruction, or student and faculty research. These requests should be submitted on a "Journal Request Form" available from the Periodicals department or by calling X2409.

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Last updated July 3, 2012