Children’s Books with Teaching Guides:
the Reading Beyond the Basal Series

A Selected List Based on the Holdings
of the La Sierra University Library

Prepared by:

Christina Cicchetti
Curriculum Resource Center Librarian

Juv. PZ 8.1 A213 Wh Guide
Aardema, Verna. Why Mosquitoes Buzz In Peoples Ears. Gr. 1-3.

Juv. PZ 8.3 A123 Br Guide
Aardema, Verna. Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. Gr. Ps -2.

Juv. PZ 7 A413 Mi Guide
Allard, Harry. Miss Nelson Is Missing. Gr. Ps-3.

Juv. PZ 8 A54 Em4 Guide
Andersen, Hans Christian. The Emperor's New Clothes. Gr. 1-4.

Juv. PZ 7 B2752 CL Guide
Barret, Judi. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 8.2 H5 On Guide
Brown, Marcia. Once a Mouse. Gr. K-2.

Juv. PZ 7 B954 Li Guide
Burton, Virginia Lee. The Little House. Gr. Ps-1.

Juv. PZ 8 A54 Zu32 Guide
Cauley, Lorinda Bryan. The Ugly Duckling. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 7 C5792 Rais Guide
Clearly, Beverly. Ramona Quimby, Age 8. Gr. 2-4.

Juv. PZ 7 D1515 Fan Guide
Dahl, Roald. Fantastic Mr. Fox. Gr. 1-4.

Juv. PZ 8 S14 Li Guide
Exupery, Antoine de Saint. The Little Prince. Gr. 2-4.

Juv. PZ 8.9 F85 Co Guide
Freeman, Don. Corduroy. Gr. K-1.

Juv. PZ 7 F8747 Dan3 Guide
Freeman, Don. Dandelion. Gr. Ps-1.

Juv. PZ 10.3 H646 Be Guide
Hoban, Russell. Bedtime For Frances. Gr. Ps-1.

Juv. PZ 10.3 H646 Br Guide
Hoban, Russell. Bread and Jam For Frances. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 7 H6844 On Guide
Hogrogian, Nonny. One Fine Day. Gr. K-2.

Juv. PZ 10.3 H97 Ro Guide
Hutchins, Pat. Rosie's Walk. Gr. Ps-1.

Juv. PZ 7 K2253 Sn Guide
Keats, Ezra Jack. The Snowy Day. Gr. Ps-1.

Juv. PZ 7 K2253 Wh Guide
Keats, Ezra Jack. Whistle for Willie. Gr. Ps-1.

Juv. PZ 8.1 K3 Pau 1984 Guide
Kellogg, Steve. Paul Bunyan. Gr. 1-4.

Juv. PZ 7 L463 St Guide
Leaf, Munro. The Story of Ferdinand. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 7 L5882 Hi Guide
Lewis, Thomas P. Hill of Fire. Gr. 2-4.

Juv. PZ 7 L6585 Pi Guide
Lindgren, Astrid. Pippi Longstocking. Gr. 4-6.

Juv. PZ 8.2 L6 Fab Guide
Lobel, Arnold. Fables. Gr. K and up.

Juv. PZ 7 L7795 Fr Guide
Lobel, Arnold. Frog and Toad are Friends. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 7 M2225 Sar 1985 Guide
MacLachlan, Patricia. Sarah, Plain and Tall. Gr. 3-5.

Juv. PZ 7 M462 Th Guide
Mayer, Mercer. There's a Nightmare in My Closet. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 7 M1336 B Guide
McCloskey, Robert. Blueberries for Sal. Gr. Ps-1.

Juv. PZ 10 M1295 Mak Guide
McCloskey, Robert. Make Way for Ducklings. Gr. Ps-1.

Juv. PZ 8.1 M173 St. Guide
McGovern, Anne. Stone Soup. Gr. Ps-3.

Juv. PZ 7 M5944 An Guide
Miles, Miska. Annie and the Old One. Gr. 4-8.

Juv. PZ 8.1 M8346 Ti Guide
Mosel, Arlene. Tikki Tikki Tembo. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 8.1 D43 St Guide
Paola, Tomie de. Stroga Nona. Gr. K-3.

Juv. PZ 7 P219 Am Guide
Parish, Peggy. Amelia Bedelia. Gr. Ps-3.

Juv. PZ 8 S3294 Wh Guide
Sendak, Maurice. Where the Wild Things Are. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 7 S5299 Ri 1983 Guide
Sharmat, Mitchell. Gregory, The Terrible Eater. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 7 S7376 Si 1983 Guide
Speare, Elizabeth George. The Sign of the Beaver. Gr. 6-9.

Juv. PZ 10.3 S816 Sy Guide
Steig, William. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble. Gr. K-2.

Juv. PZ 7 V816 A1 Guide
Viorst, Judith. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 7 W113 Ir Guide
Waber, Bernard. Ira Sleeps Over. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 10.3 W214 Bi Guide
Ward, Lynd. The Biggest Bear. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 7 W6461 Li 2 Guide
Wilder, Laura Ingalls. Little House in the Big Woods. Gr. 3-6.

Juv. PZ 8.9 B47 Ve5 Guide
Williams, Margery. The Velveteen Rabbit. Gr. Ps-2.

Juv. PZ 7 W6685 Ch 1982 Guide
Williams, Vera B. A Chair for my Mother. Gr. Ps-3.

Juv. PZ 7 Y212 Cr Guide
Yashima, Taro. Crow Boy. Gr. K-2.

Juv. PZ 7 C5792 De 1983 Guide
Clearly, Beverly. Dear Mr. Henshaw. Gr. 4-7.

Juv. PZ 7 H836 Bu 1979 Guide
Howe, Deborah & James. Bunnicula. Gr. 4-6.

Juv. 7 L5385 Wr Guide
L' Engel, Madeleine. A Wrinkle in Time. Gr. 6-9.

Juv. PZ 10.3 O19 Mi Guide
O'Brien, Robert C. Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Gr. 3-6.

Juv. PZ 7 P273 Br Guide
Patterson, Kathrine. Bridge to Terabithia. Gr. 4-7.

Juv. PZ 7 R5628 Be3 Guide
Robinson, Barbara. The Best Christmas Pagent Ever. Gr. 4-6.

Juv. PZ 7 R5949 Ho Guide
Rockwell, Thomas. How to Eat Fried Worms. Gr. 4-6.

Juv. PZ 7 S65762 War 1984 Guide
Smith, Robert Kimmel. The War with Grandpa. Gr. 4-8.


Last updated July 3, 2012