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Our Mission

The La Sierra University Library is an information center that exists to support the teaching, learning, and research activities of the students, faculty, and staff of the University and serves the general interests of its local community. The Library maintains an appropriate collection of print, audio-visual, and electronic materials; provides access to remote electronic databases and texts; obtains materials from other libraries; and offers a setting for study. In providing these services, the library staff is committed to meeting the needs of clients through integrity, competence, and efficiency in a context of caring, patience, and understanding.

Quick Guide to Services

The most common questions faculty and staff have, and the services they request, are:

  • Can we borrow books or articles from other libraries? Yes, see our interlibrary loan forms.
  • How do I put something on reserve? Use our reserve request form.
  • Can I get automatic notification of journal articles I'm interested in? Yes, with our current awareness service.
  • Does the library have a particular book? Check our online catalog.
  • Can I get a copy of an article e-mailed to me? Yes, with our article request form.
  • What about getting a librarian to help teach my class about research, library resources, et cetera? Call the Reference Desk at x2396.
  • How do I get the Library to purchase books my students will need? Contact Kitty Simmons at x2402.

Information and other public services

General reference assistance

The Reference Desk is the front-line service for information assistance to library users. Any time you are not sure which library department to contact, start with the Reference Desk. The librarians working in this area are prepared to respond to a variety of general and specialized information needs. If we cannot answer your questions with our own collection and online services, we will do our best to direct you to other libraries or resources that can meet your needs.

Reference services are available during normal library hours, except lunch (noon-1 PM) and dinner (5-6 PM) hours and after 10 p.m. You may request information in person, by e-mail (library@lasierra.edu), by phone (x2396), or by our online form (http://www.lasierra.edu/library/forms/refquestion.html).

E-mail information delivery service

Since e-mail allows you to send your question at any time of the day, the e-mail reference service is particularly useful for faculty teaching in off-campus sites and requiring a fast and inexpensive method of receiving Library support. Use our online form at http://www.lasierra.edu/library/forms/refquestion.html or e-mail library@lasierra.edu. We check our mailbox at the beginning of each shift (usually three times per day). We aim to answer all questions within 24 hours; please allow extra time for questions submitted over weekends or holidays.

Course related library instruction

The most effective method of encouraging students to make effective use of the Library is through assignments that require the use of library resources. Librarians are eager to assist teachers in the preparation of Library-related class assignments, and by providing course-specific orientation or instruction in the use of specific resources. Contact the Reference Desk (x2163) to make arrangements.

Library online catalog

Nearly all library resources are now included in the online catalog, which can be searched from terminals throughout the Library, or on campus, or connected to the Internet (the URL is http://sierr.iii.com/screens/opacmenu.html). You can search, among other ways, by author, title, subject, (key) words in title, or call number, as well as by name of teacher for materials on reserve. More than 15,000 electronic books are also available through the online catalog. A title search for a particular journal title will tell you whether or not the Library has holdings for the journal in question.

List of Online Full-Text Journals

The Library's collection of print journals has been exceeded by its collection of full-text journals in various electronic databases. To help you figure out what journal titles are available in which databases, a List of Online Full-Text Journals is provided on the Database web page. Go to our online journal list. The list supports searches by title as well as browsing. You can also generate a list of full-text journals by subject area. Click on the database link next to the desired journal title to retrieve full-text articles from that journal.

Be aware that in order to include links in your course materials to the full-text of articles in library databases, you must generate persistent URL's for the desired articles. Each vendor handles this differently for their databases. Instructions for each database vendor are posted on the Library web page, or you may contact the reference desk at x2396.

Database searching

The Library has more than 140 online databases available, covering almost every field of knowledge from American history to zoology. Go to the Library web page and click on Journal Articles

Most Library databases are indexes to journal articles and other published materials, but a few contain other types of information, such as financial information on various companies. Some databases include the full text of indexed articles; others have only citations or abstracts. The Library web page indicates full-text databases with "(FT)" after the name of the database.

These databases can be searched free of charge in the Library, anywhere on campus, or even from home. To search from home, you will need to go to the Library home page and click on "Off-campus Access", then log in with your La Sierra e-mail username and password. The reference librarian on duty can assist you with your search.

Information retrieved may be printed out, downloaded to your own disk, or (in most cases) sent to your e-mail account. Some databases even offer the option for individual users to set up a profile and have new searches run automatically at regularly scheduled intervals, with results sent to your e-mail account. Contact a reference librarian for details.

Training for effective database use

The Library provides assistance with database searching on a one-to-one basis at the reference desk or (by appointment) in your office. We can also provide instruction for groups, such as a department or class. Contact the Reference Desk for an appointment. When arrangements are made in advance, we can provide training at almost any time, including evenings and times the library is not open.

Fee-based computer literature searches

Through DIALOG, the Library provides access to hundreds of databases in many subject areas, such as Grant Resources, the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), the Science Citation Index (SCI), and many others. A list of databases is available at the reference desk. This service is recommended when all the print sources and free databases available in the Library have been exhausted. Charges vary according to the databases selected, the time required to complete the search, and the number of citations downloaded or printed. An average search may be in the range of $20 to $30. Payment can be made by cash or personal check, or with an interdepartmental charge voucher, which should be brought to the Library at the time the search is requested. Requests for this fee-based service can be made in person at the reference desk or by phone at x2396.

In the case of Social Sciences Citation Index and Science Citation Index, the Library provides faculty, staff, and graduate students one free search per year, limited to a maximum of $40; undergraduate students will receive the same privilege with a written recommendation from their teacher. You will need to make an appointment with Hilda Smith (x2165) to perform this search.

Research Assistance

Reference librarians can provide specialized assistance to faculty members involved in research projects. This includes identification of relevant publications, services, and resources available in the University Library and elsewhere.

Internet Information and Training

Faculty and staff members who wish to know more about resources available through the Internet, or the wide range of resources (including library catalog and reference sources) which expand the resources of the library may direct their inquiries to the Reference desk (x2396, or email library@lasierra.edu).

Beyond assisting the faculty and staff with specific questions related to the Internet, reference librarians will provide training in the use of Internet resources. This is done upon request for individuals, for classes, or for other groups. Please contact the Reference Desk for more information.

Journal Article Delivery

Upon faculty or staff request, the Library will provide copies of articles available in the Library collections. You may make requests by filling out our online request form or by fax to x2445. We can scan the article and deliver it to you by e-mail, or photocopy it and send it through campus mail. There is no charge for this service, but we do not deliver articles longer than 25 pages. We can only copy 1 article/issue due to copyright restrictions. This service is also available to your off-campus students.

Book purchases and collection development

Through the Department of Technical Services, the different academic departments on campus receive regular Choice book reviews as well as advertising received from publishers. For faculty and staff members who need to compile bibliographies or obtain information beyond the printed notices that they receive, the reference librarians will assist them with online searches in Books in Print, WorldCat, or the holdings of other libraries.

Circulation and reserve services

The Library’s collections include more than 200,000 books and 47,000 bound journal volumes. The stacks are open access and most library materials may be checked out at the Library Circulation Desk. A complete current list of policies is at http://www.lasierra.edu/library/info_serve/circulation-policies.html. You can contact the Circulation Supervisor, Sandy Hartson, at x2044 or e-mail shartson@lasierra.edu.


  • Checkout
    1. Faculty and Staff may borrow books from the general stacks for one quarter; these should be returned on or before the due date.
    2. Faculty and Staff are allowed to check out up to 60 items, due in 28 days, unless renewed.
    3. Some items, such as Reference or Heritage Room books, cannot be checked out, unless special need is demonstrated. These show up on the library catalog with a status of "Library Use Only".
    4. Your Faculty or Staff ID serves as your library card, and is required for checking out materials.
  • Renewals
    1. One renewal is allowed via telephone, online, or in person granting an additional quarter of use.
    2. Books more than one quarter overdue must be returned before they can be checked out again.
    3. If a book is needed more than two consecutive quarters, it must be returned before it can be checked out again.
    4. Books having been put "on hold" will not be renewed. You may receive a "hold" notice when someone else requests a book you have checked out. In that case, it would be helpful if the book were returned as soon as possible since someone else is waiting for it.
  • Overdues, Lost Books, Blocked Privileges
    1. Overdue notices are routinely sent out via intercampus mail at the beginning of the quarter for books due at the end of the previous quarter.
    2. When books become more than one quarter overdue, borrowing privileges will be blocked until the materials have been returned or replacement fees have been paid. A bill with a replacement fee of $50 per book will be sent. (The fee is waived if the book is returned.)
    3. If the cost of a lost item is significantly greater than $50, the Library reserves the right to charge a fee based on the actual replacement cost.
    4. No late charges or overdue fines will be assessed to faculty or staff members.


  1. Journals do not circulate. Under special circumstances, such as in-class use or special research projects, an exception may be made.
  2. A request for permission to check out a journal should be made at the Periodicals Department, Monday through Friday, during office hours. At other times, ask the reference librarian on duty.


Faculty may place library materials, personal materials, and photocopies on reserve in the library, for the use of classes and when heavy use of particular materials is anticipated. This assures that more students will have access to assigned readings and other specific materials.

Unfortunately, the Library cannot accept LINK+ or Interlibrary Loan materials, or anything checked out from another library for Reserve. This is standard practice for academic libraries who make their materials available to other libraries or library users.

  1. Reserve requests should be submitted before the start of each academic quarter.
  2. Please allow at least 48 hours for processing a reserve request before making a class assignment.
  3. Faculty may submit personal materials and multiple copies of an item to be placed on reserve
  4. The easiest way to submit reserve requests for material already in the library is to fill out our online request form .
  5. You may also use the "Reserve Book Requisition" forms provided at the Circulation Desk. You can request copies be sent to you by calling the Circulation Desk. Take completed forms to the Circulation Desk along with any personal materials or photocopies that you wish placed on reserve.
  6. You may also fax requests to Sandra Hartson at x2445 or e-mail shartson@lasierra.edu.

What if the Library doesn't own an item you want to put on Reserve?

For the fastest service, we encourage you to submit personal or departmental copies of reserve materials.

If you cannot loan personal copies for reserves, and copies are not available in the Libraries' collection, please allow time for purchasing materials. The Library will attempt to order books needed for course reserves, but this will take additional time. We will make every effort to expedite ordering/processing, but advance planning is essential for this option.

Graphics Lab

The Library Circulation Desk maintains a small graphics lab. Campus departments find this useful, for example, in preparing bulletin boards. Butcher paper is available for a nominal fee, and an Ellison lettering dye cutter is available for cutting bulletin-board size letters. A 24" wide laminating machine is also available, as are transparencies.

Borrowing from other libraries

If you need something not in the Library, we can probably borrow it for you if it is available from another library in the United States. We have obtained books, dissertations, reports, microfilms, periodical articles, and other materials.


The Library is a member of the LINK+ network, which includes more than twenty California libraries with more than five million volumes. LINK+ allows you to request books from other libraries in the consortium; requests usually arrive within three days.

To search Link+, start your search in the Library's online catalog, then click the "Search LINK+" button that appears with your results list. The request procedure is automated; simply follow the links to "Request this item" in your LINK+ search results. You will need your University ID# to complete your requests.

When your requests are received, they will be held for you at the Circulation Desk. To check the status of your request, choose "My Record" from the Library home page; enter your name and ID#. The system will display the status of your LINK+ requests, along with any library materials that you have checked out. Overdue fines accrue on LINK+ loans at the rate of $1 per day.

For more information, see our Link+ page.

Interlibrary Loans for Faculty and Staff

To borrow materials from libraries outside the LINK+ network, select "Interlibrary Loan Request" from the opening menu of the online catalog. We will send article photocopies via intercampus mail and notify you by e-mail when other requested materials have arrived. This usually takes 8-10 days. Interlibrary loan books should be picked up from and returned to the Circulation Desk. Please note the due date on interlibrary loan materials and be certain to return these on or before that date.

We do not charge for our own services, but we do pass on any charges from the lending library. These generally cannot be determined in advance, but range from zero to $10, and occasionally more. Departmental accounts can be charged by including the account number on the appropriate line when the request is made

Reciprocal Borrowing Privileges

Faculty and staff members have reciprocal borrowing privileges at a number of local academic libraries, via La Sierra University’s membership in LINK+ and SCELC (Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium).

You may use your LSU ID card to check out materials at other LINK+ libraries as a visiting patron. See our list of LINK+ libraries for details.

A list of SCELC institutions is available at http://scelc.org/rfb/participants. Policies for borrowing from a SCELC library are available at http://scelc.org/rfb/policies-and-procedures. Contact the Reference Desk to obtain access to these libraries.


Photocopy machines are located on each floor of the library. In addition, the Periodicals Department has a microfilm reader/printer/scanner to make either paper or electronic copies of items in the Library’s microfilm collection.


As with all campus photocopy machines, your ID card serves as your payment card. Just swipe the card through the card reader and press copy. On the touch screen, select your paper size. Then press the bright green copy button.

You should be aware that copies made on an ID will be charged to the department. If you do not want the copies charged to your department, there are copy cards that can be checked out at Circulation; when you finish, just pay Circulation for the copies you made.

A color photocopy machine is available on the 2nd floor, at the back of the current magazines.

Ordering library materials

The faculty and staff are very important in the selection process, and many Library additions are the result of faculty and staff requests for new materials. The online catalog includes the status of items on order.

The Department of Technical Services processes orders, and catalogs and prepares books and other items for the Library collection. Kitty Simmons is the primary contact for book requests. You can reach her by phone at x2402/2397 or by e-mail to ksimmons@lasierra.edu.

Book Orders/Requests

Book orders take an average of six to eight weeks to fill. Some may take up to 12 weeks, depending upon availability and source from which the item must be ordered. Therefore, book orders should be submitted well in advance of anticipated need. Book orders/requests should be submitted on Library supplied book order cards in order to expedite processing. You may request these by calling x2402. Please follow the procedures below when submitting orders/requests.

1. Fill out the card as completely as possible.
2. Send the completed card to Kitty Simmons.
3. If the Library already has the requested title, the card will be returned to you with the status noted.
4. Cards for books found to be out-of-print or unavailable will also be returned with the status noted.

Book Order Status

Faculty and staff will usually be notified when books they have requested are received, cataloged, and made ready for circulation. If available, a copy of the order form will be returned as confirmation that the book is available for circulation. Order slips from faculty or staff will be returned through the respective department chair on a monthly basis, rather than to original requester. You may also consult the online catalog to determine the current status of books ordered; it will report if the book has been ordered or has arrived or is currently being processed.

Choice cards

Cards containing brief reviews of books from the publication Choice will be sent on a monthly basis to department chairs. These are intended for faculty use as an aid in book selection. If you want to order the book, use the Choice card to fill out a book order card and send the completed card to Kitty Simmons.

Publisher’s Announcements

The Library receives large numbers of publisher’s announcements of new and forthcoming books. These are available for faculty browsing. When appropriate and as time permits, some of these may be sent to individual faculty for their notification and consideration.

New Books List

The Library web site has a list of newly acquired books (updated monthly). This includes purchases and gifts. It is divided by the general Library of Congress classification, which does not necessarily reflect the academic divisions of the University or the departments that might have ordered the items.

Book Jackets

During processing, book jackets are removed. These are distributed to departments on the basis of their perceived topical relevance. As with the new books list, the distribution of a book cover to a particular department does not necessarily indicate the book has been charged to that departmental book account.

Personal Book Orders

As a service and benefit to faculty and staff, the Library will order books for personal use. Discounts may range as high as 30 percent; however, no specific discount is guaranteed. The Library’s prorated charge for shipping and tax will be added to your cost. Normally you should expect orders to take 6 weeks for fulfillment. Please follow the following procedures when making a personal purchase request:

  1. Submit personal book orders on standard book order cards.
  2. Clearly mark "PERSONAL" in the space for "Fund".
  3. The Library will notify you when the book comes in, and you should expect to pay for the item with cash or a personal check at the time you pick it up.

Journal Order Requests

Due to budget limitations, there is limited opportunity to add new journal subscriptions. Generally, an equivalently priced currently received title will need to be dropped in order to add a new title. Requests for new titles can be submitted on a "Journal Request Form" available from Periodicals or the Technical Services Departments. Since periodical subscriptions are a long-term commitment, requests for new journals should support classroom instruction or research on an ongoing basis. Because of the subscription cycle, subscription changes are routinely processed during the summer.

Audiovisual Materials Orders

Generally the requested item should be intended for regular instructional use in order to justify purchase. Rental of occasional-use materials may be more appropriate (see Media Services). To place an order for audiovisual materials, please send a description and publisher’s announcement/order form to Kitty Simmons.

Media Services

The Media Services Department provides a wide range of circulation, instructional, and event support services to the campus. Chris Drake, the Media Services supervisor, can be reached by phone at x2190 or by e-mail to cdrake@lasierra.edu.

Circulation and Reserve

Media Services provides regular and reserve circulation services for the Library’s non-print collections (videotapes, audiotapes, film, DVD, and related material). While faculty may borrow A/V materials for in-class use, generally these materials are expected to be used in Media Services with the equipment made available for this purpose.

Educational Production Services

Media Services can provide a studio as well as audio and video recording and editing, production, and post-production services. Computer-generated slides and graphics can also be produced upon request.

Satellite Video Downlink

A satellite downlink for teleconferences and other purposes is available. A video feed is available in Room 121 of the Library, as well as in the School of Business and Management, Room 205. For more information call Chris Drake at x2190.

Equipment Repair

Media Services can arrange for repair with qualified outside agencies. Limited in-house repair service for audio, video, and projection equipment is available.

Film and Videotape Rentals

The department is able to arrange rentals through Filmmaker’s Library (http://www.filmakers.com). Call for assistance in locating and renting film titles. We recommend, however, that you try interlibrary loan first.

Curriculum Resource Center (CRC)

The CRC houses the Library’s teaching materials collection. This includes textbooks for elementary and secondary grades, curriculum guides, instructional activity books, and audiovisual teaching materials. The CRC primarily serves faculty and students in the department of Curriculum and Instruction, but other programs such as English as a Second Language find some of these materials useful as well. Most of the CRC materials are available during library hours.

Reference assistance

The Librarian can provide special assistance in the use of the CRC’s education materials as well as the Library’s collection of children’s and young adult books. Orientations are also available for classes and groups. Please contact Hilda Smith x2165 or by e-mail at hsmith@lasierra.edu.


CRC staff can produce specialized bibliographies for a particular class or special interest topic on request. Examples are available on the CRC web page at http://www.lasierra.edu/library/info_serve/crc/crcabout.html.

Graphics lab

The Graphics Lab, formerly located in the CRC, has been moved to the Library Circulation Desk to facilitate staffing. Supplies and equipment available include butcher paper, a laminating machine, an Ellison lettering dye cutter, and a transparency maker. There is a nominal fee for some supplies.

Heritage Room

The Heritage Room contains special collections and archival materials by or about Seventh-day Adventists and La Sierra University. These have been collected from official and unofficial sources and appear in a wide variety of formats. The materials available include books, periodicals, microforms, manuscripts, photographs, and memorabilia. The Special Collections Librarian, Chelsi Cannon, administers the Heritage Room. She can be reached by phone at x2518 or by e-mail to ccannon@lasierra.edu


We will assist faculty in locating information and resources for classroom instruction, assignments, and research projects. We have the third largest collection of Adventist-related material in the world, and will also contact outside sources of information when necessary, including the Ellen G. White Estate, the archives of the General Conference, the Andrews University and Loma Linda Heritage Rooms, and other SDA institutions.


Upon request, we will produce and update specialized bibliographies for the use of a particular class or academic project. An example bibliography on Seventh-day Adventist missions in various countries of the world is available at http://www.lasierra.edu/library/heritage/sda-missions.html

Tours and Student Orientation

We will provide orientation tours intended to make students familiar with the Heritage Room collections. Since space is limited, classes larger than 20 should plan to have several sessions if they wish the orientation to take place in the Heritage Room. We will also come to your classroom if desired. Contact Chelsi Cannon (x2518) to set up an orientation session.

Class Sessions

You may make arrangements to reserve the Heritage Room for special classroom sessions when such use is needed. Instructors in Religion, History, English, and Education have lectured here in the past. We have seating for about twenty students, but can fit more people in the room if necessary. Contact Chelsi Cannon for more information..

Displays & Loans

Arrangements can be made to set up displays of Heritage Room books or memorabilia outside the Library. Although the Heritage Room collections do not circulate, items may be loaned to faculty members for use in the classroom or for special needs. Contact Chelsi Cannon for information.


Heritage Room materials do not circulate. If a circulating copy of the material is not available, photocopies can be made, provided that the physical condition of the material will not be put at risk.

Other Library facilities

Library Atrium

By special request the Library atrium may be available for special events. Arrangements should be made with Jill Start, the Library Administrative Assistant at x2397.

Library faculty and staff

Sandy Hartson Circulation Supervisor
Chris Drake Media Services Supervisor
Victor Herndandez Periodicals Supervisor
David Ramos Cataloging/ILL Assistant
Kitty Simmons, M.L.S. Library Director; Chair, Technical Services
Jill Start Administrative Assistant
Jenni Subriar Library Automation Manager and Systems Librarian
Christina Viramontes Library Technician
Hilda Smith, M.L.I.S. Instruction & Reference Librarian
Chelsi Cannon, M.L.I.S. Special Collections & Reference Librarian
Jeff de Vries, MLIS Reference & Instruction Librarian

Telephone numbers

Administration Office 2397
Acquisitions Office 2402
Cataloging Office 2403
Circulation Desk 2044
Curriculum Resource Center 2382
FAX 2445
Heritage Room 2518
Media Services Office 2190
Periodicals Desk 2409
Public Services, Chair 2163
Reference Desk 2396
Technical Services, Chair 2402


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