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Audio/Video recording, production, and duplication

The following services are available:

Requests for video productions, (see below under charges for the definition of video production that we use) must include adequate pre-production, (planning) staffing, and funding to be approved. These projects should be planned well in advance. We cannot shoot any video production project without pre-production, staffing (who is playing what role in the project), and funding. Call (951) 785-2190 for details.

Copyright Statement

La Sierra University Library Media Services adheres strictly to proper and legal copyright guidelines and usage. We will not copy any copyright-protected materials, whether CD's, cassettes, videotapes, or any other media without the express, written approval of the copyright holder.

Fair use covers tapes made off-the-air, or cable, intended for classroom use, and stored for no longer than 45 days. Fair use does not cover copies of these tapes, nor does it cover satellite broadcasts since those are considered private communications by the law.

You may not use any music in a production without the express, written approval of the copyright holder. Most holders of copyright are quite willing to release it for our use. Please contact us for information related to obtaining copyright releases.


We do not charge for simple audio recording services. However, our free services are solely for educational use, and must have a primarily educational purpose to be approved.

Charges for complete productions will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Productions are defined as video or audio projects that require editing, mastering, or titling. Call (951) 785-2190 for details.

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