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General information about off-campus access


Some of the major academic online resources available through the Library can be reached from off-campus without any restrictions. These include the Online Catalog, one version of ERIC, and Medline. Other databases require users to set up a proxy server connection to access them from off-campus.


You need three things to access library databases from off-campus.:

  1. You must be currently enrolled at La Sierra University.
  2. A computer with dial-in or direct connection to the Internet.
  3. A Web browser running on that computer

How to Connect

Once you have the password, go to the proxy login screen at http://ezproxy.lasierra.edu:2048/login?url=http://www.lasierra.edu/library/onlinedb_enc/library/ and you will be automatically logged in and redirected to our main database page, where you may begin searching.

Each of the database pages also has a link to the proxy login screen, set up so that when you log on from that link you will automatically come back to the specific subject page you logged in from.

To disconnect from the proxy server, either shut down your browser or just type a new address in your browser's address window and go to it.

Getting the Proxy Server Password

There are three ways to get the password.

  • By phone. Call the Reference Desk (at 951-785-2396; campus x2396) during the hours the Library is open. (Note that the Reference Desk is usually closed from noon-1 PM and 5-6 PM, but you can leave a message and we'll get back to you.) You will need to have your student number available so we can check the database to make sure you're currently enrolled.
  • By e-mail. Send an e-mail to the Library Reference Desk (reference@lasierra.edu asking for the password. Please include your name, student ID number, and address to mail the password to.
  • In person. Come to the Library Reference Desk and show us your current LSU ID card.

The password changes each quarter, so you will have to obtain a new one at the start of each quarter.

Some Notes

This method should work with all browsers, including the AOL browser. However, it does require that you have your browser set to accept cookies (which is the usual default setting.)

If, for some reason, your browser does not accept cookies, you will need to use our old proxy server for full access.

Reasons for the Restrictions

The function of the Library is to make information available in the most convenient and effective manner possible to the University community. However, database producers place restrictions on who may be considered a part of that community. Contractual license agreements with these producers limit access to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. No exceptions can be made for former or future students.


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