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Communication and Integrated Marketing

Give us your best shot

What we are looking for

We are gathering amazing photographs by members of the La Sierra University family, including alumni; to be displayed in the La Sierra University Dining Commons. We are seeking high-impact pictures of many subjects – travel, landscapes, people, hobbies, and more.

Technical requirements

  • Up to 10 of your best images
  • Image size of 5 megapixels or larger
  • Good (high) image quality to be reproduced in large format.
  • RAW, TIFF, PSD, or JPG
  • Edited to your satisfaction


Please email full resolution files via wetransfer.com (free service up to 2 GB) to nvigna@lasierra.edu. Please include a short description of the shot (location, date (if known), picture story (what story were you trying to tell when you took the picture/why where you there taking pictures, etc.), and picture credit information (name, email, and phone number of photographer).


All photos MUST be submitted by July 23.


By submitting your image(s), you acknowledge that you own the copyrights to the images or that you are the photographer. Furthermore, you grant permission to La Sierra University to:

  • Print and display the photograph in the La Sierra University Dining Commons or other locations as appropriate.
  • Display your name, shot location, and story of the photograph in conjunction with your displayed art.
  • Edit the file to match the dimensions, style, and colors desired for framing and display (if needed).


If you have any questions about this project, please contact:

Natan Vigna - nvigna@lasierra.edu

Nick Norton - nnor367@lasierra.edu

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