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News Media Contact Info If you are a member of the news media, please contact:

Larry Becker, Executive Director of University Relations

La Sierra University
Administration Building #231
4500 Riverwalk Parkway
Riverside, CA 92515

Phone: (951) 785-2001
Fax: (951) 785-2406
Emergency: (951) 334-7175

Press Releases Contact us to receive University Press Releases

Darla Martin Tucker, Director of Public Relations

Phone: (951) 785 2016


Campus-Wide Email: Guidelines

  1. The Campus-wide e-mail (hereafter: CW) is operated at La Sierra University for the purpose of immediate communication with all faculty and staff and a few student leaders about matters pertaining to the University. Matters pertaining to the University includes:

    • breaking university-related news
    • special notations on classes, registration or scheduling
    • special requests for information that apply to a wide section of CW users
    • notification of births, deaths, funerals
    • Notification or correction of special events that are sponsored by the university entities
    • Special requests for prayer (for current or former faculty, staff or students, or their immediate family)
    • Special items relating to the university's established audiences or university’s, on or off campus
    • health and safety issues that relate to the immediate campus
    • general university announcements

  2. Items may be submitted by current faculty, staff or students, or their respective campus departments, offices, committees or clubs using a La Sierra University e-mail address.
  3. Persons on the CW list include current faculty and staff, plus a few student leaders, upon their request or the request of their supervisor. Trustees may also request to be on the list. Names may be added to or deleted from the list at the discretion of the University Relations office. Employees are not removed unless employment has been terminated. The CW list is managed by the University Relations office. The CW list is the property of the University Relations office and is not available for distribution.
  4. CW e-mail is managed and/or edited by the University Relations office and may be deemed unworthy of distribution at their discretion. The University Relations office will routinely check for and send out CW e-mails daily, unless a special request is made for immediate action via a phone call.
  5. CW messages will be sent out only one time. Special cases may allow for a reminder message, upon request, left to the discretion of the University Relations office.
  6. Items to be avoided on CW e-mail include:
    • items of off-campus interest primarily
    • items pertaining to students primarily
    • items for raising money for individual causes
    • personal items for rent or for sale
    • items for sale by any entity
  7. Any other issues not specifically listed in the guidelines represented will be determined by the University Relations office.