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Communication and Integrated Marketing

University Relations publication guidelines

What needs to get approved from University Relations?

  1. Items that are sent off campus from the University.
  2. Items that have a potential for an off campus audience.
    For example, brochures, bulletin inserts, and fliers or posters placed in prominent locations.
  1. Advertisements in any form, excluding classifieds.
  2. If you have recurring projects University Relations would be happy to create a template for you and you could just supply us with the data needed each time.
  3. Submit publications: You may physically bring items to University Relations, Administration Building room 231, or you could submit items as a PDF. University Relations does retain the right to ask for a printed version if the PDF has any problems.

If you are not certain if an item should be approved please feel free to ask. We want to work with you on projects.

Timelines: turnaround time will be at a minimum. If there is a change this could slow down the process.

Misc. publications items

  1. The La Sierra University seal is reserved for specific publications. If you have questions about seal use please contact University Relations.
  2. Remember, design work from the University Relations office is free. We want to work with you on projects. You will only need to pay for production costs.

Media Guidelines:
If a reporter calls your office please call University Relations and make them aware. You could even email pr@lasierra.edu and let them know what happened. Just tell us who you spoke with, what the topic was and what publication the reporter works with. If you need assistance with media please feel free to contact University Relations, 951-785-2001.

If you have a story idea and would like to work toward placing it with the press, please work through the University Relations office. We have made very good contacts over the years and can help direct your piece to the most appropriate reporter. Also, it is essential if the University were to ever face a crisis that the media know who the spokespersons are.

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