The La Sierra University seal indicates official academic sanction, while the logo represents the University's image and visual identity.

The seal is to be used primarily to authenticate official University documents (e.g., diplomas, legal documents, or contracts). It may be used on other materials (e.g., glass and metal wares) only at the discretion of the President, Board of Trustees, or with the advice and authorization of theOffice of Communication and Integrated Marketing.

To obtain the seal, please contact Larry Becker at ext. 2460 or at

Acceptable Usages

  • Formal documents, such as diplomas, certificates, legal documents and contracts.
  • Communications from the Office of the President, the Board of Trustees, the Executive Officers of the University, and Deans, for special announcements and events.
  • Other official or historical University materials.
  • Major media and fundraising initiatives.
  • Limited merchandising with advance approval by the Office of Communication and Integrated Marketing.

Reproduction Guidelines

  • The seal may not be altered or modified in any way.
  • May be embossed or screened into a background.
  • Minimum size for the seal is 3/4 (.75) inch diameter.