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Careers in Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of science and the foundation for quantitative reasoning that is used across the academic disciplines and in decision making in everyday life. A degree in mathematics stresses logical thinking and problem solving skills, attributes that can make you a highly sought job candidate in a wide variety of careers. A strong background in mathematics in combination with other scientific disciplines such as Computer Science, can be especially valuable in the employment market. A sampling of Mathematics career profiles is provided by the Mathematical Association of America.

A Major in Mathematics prepares you for graduate school in applied or pure mathematics and statistics. It can also prepare you to teach high school mathematics, when combined with a teaching certification program offered through the School of Education. More information on employment prospects for graduates with training in Mathematics, Statistics, or related fields such as Actuarial Science or Operations Research is available at the US Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A Major in Biomathematics provides preparation for professional school in the health sciences including Dentistry and Medicine which both have good to very good job outlooks.

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