Applicants for Bachelor Degrees

Applicants for Bachelor degrees in music must pass an entrance audition. Auditions should demonstrate the applicant's musical and technical ability. Students who do not pass the entrance audition at the time of enrollment will not be eligible for Music Major in Good Standing status and will be placed on probationary status. Students will have two quarters in residence to pass the entrance audition. Any applied lessons taken before successfully completing the entrance exam must be taken at the 100 level. These 100 level lessons are not eligible for tuition waiver and cannot be applied towards the music major requirement.

Students from the local area are expected to audition in person; others may submit a good quality video recording.

Please email if you have any questions or would like to schedule your audition time prior to Music Boot Camp.

*Incoming freshmen that participated in the 2015 Promising Young Artist Scholarship Competition that are planning to be a music major do not need an entrance audition. Students will still need to audition for ensemble placement.

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Auditions Objectives

The Objectives of the Music Department are to help the student gain an understanding and appreciation of the musical heritage of man, and to provide leisure-time, cultural and artistic activities,such as group music experiences and intelligent listening to aid the student in acquiring the knowledge, techniques, and skills necessary for performers, composers, church musicians, teachers, and music technologists.

The Music Department of La Sierra University encourages you to come and be part of our students. Submit your application and schedule your audition. We are looking forward to see you here.

Audition Area Directors

If you have specific questions about the audition repertoire please contact the area director:

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