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Frankie Farrell, M.Music

Adjunct Professor of Music, music tech



MMus University of California, Los Angeles


MUET 101 (2) Fundamentals of Audio and Music Technology

This course establishes the foundations for the study of music technology, addressing essential audio theory, sound, hearing, acoustics, and electronics and their practical applications in the recording studio.

MUET 211 (2) Recording Technology I

Introduction to the physical aspects of sound; sound level measurement, introduction to microphone techniques, psychoacoustics and an overview of the recording studio. Digital recording technology is introduced. Students will have opportunity to apply the lecture material in a practical manner by recording ensembles and recitals


MUET 211L (1) Recording Technology I

Application of the concepts learned and acquired from MUET 211, including multi-track recording, ear training for engineering. In addition, students are required to work in teams to complete recording assignments throughout the quarter. Concurrent enrolled in MUET 211 is required.


MUET 212 (2) Recording Technology II

A practical study of applications in digital recording technology. Topics of study include microphone techniques, recording console operation, signal processing and digital effects equipment, hard-disc recording and reproduction, and advanced mixing and mastering techniques. Students will have the opportunity to apply the lecture material in a practical manner by recording ensembles and recitals.  Also, special projects will be recorded. Prerequisite: MUET 211

MUET 212L (1) Recording Technology II Lab

Application of concepts learned and acquired from MUET 212, including ear training for engineering, studio recording techniques. Students will use software such as ProTools LE, WaveLab, PEAK, and Deck II in weekly assignments. Concurrent enrolled in MUET 212 is required.

MUET 220 (2) Recording Practicum

A practicum in live concert and studio recording that demonstrates all the topics covered in MUET 211 and 212. Ear training for engineers is continued. Students may be required to work in teams. Prerequisite: MUET 212

MUET 485 (4) Audio Processing

Theory and application of spectrum analyzers, audio filters, and multipurpose effects devices and software; topics may include an introduction to Fourier sound synthesis and analysis, noise suppression, stereo image enhancement, room auralization, and surround sound creation. Prerequisite: PHYS 307 Restriction: Only for Music Technology majors with senior standing



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