Audition Guidelines

We would like to see the following music skills displayed:

String Applicants:

  • Two constrasting styles of music unaccompanied
  • An etude of your choice
  • Display of major and minor scales

Keyboard Applicants:

  • A movement from a classical sonata
  • Your choice of repertoire from Romantic or Contemporary period
  • Display of major and minor scales

Wind and Percussion Applicants:

  • Wind Players: Prepare two selections that are contrasting styles from different periods
  • Percussion Players: Prepare one selection demonstrating your technique and control on two of the following instruments that you play: snare drum, xylophone or marimba, timpani, and drum set.

Fretted Strings Applicants:

  • Prepare two contrasting styles of music unaccompanied
  • Display scales

Vocal Applicants:

  • One art song in English
  • One selection of the applicants choice. It may be from Boardway theatre repertoire.



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