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This year we will be offering a variety of electives and opportunities for private lessons during the last hour of camp. Parents can purchase up to TWO ELECTIVES for each child. These electives will meet twice a week. We cannot guarantee everyone will get into each class. Space is limited. We ask that you choose your top three electives.

Also, one-on-one private lessons with either a student teacher (grades 3-6) or a faculty member (grades 7-12) will also be available. A private lesson will be taught once a week.


Music electives for Music Camp (grades 3-6) are $5 each.

Music electives for Music Academy (grades 7-12) are $10 each.

Private Music Lessons with Student Teachers (grades 3-6):

  • $20 30 minutes
  • $25 45 minutes
  • $30 60 minutes

*Students will receive one lesson per week.

Private Music Lessons with Music Faculty (grades 7-12):

  • $50 45 minutes
  • $55 60 minutes

*Students will receive one lesson per week.

Electives Menu for Summer Camp (Grades 3-6)

Garage Band (up to 10 students with a minimum of 4 enrolled)
Beginning Group Voice Lessons (3-4 Students)
Group Keyboard Skills (3-4 Students)
Group Ukelele Class (3-4 Students)
Group Guitar (3-4 Students)


Electives Menu for Music Academy (Grades 7-12)

Organ for Pianists
Recording Techniques
Group Ukelele (3-4 Students) Music & Worship Leadership
Jazz & Improv Combo Teams
Percussion for Pianists
Advanced Garage Band 
Small Vocal Ensemble (6-12 Students)


University Cafeteria Meals

Meals in the University Cafeteria


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