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Music Technology

     Welcome. The Music Technology program is designed to develop skills in many audio related fields. Classes range from audio processing and electronics to recording technology and computer music synthesis. The broad scope of topics enables a graduating Music Technology major to step into any audio related work environment and feel at home. Hands on training is a major part of the program. Students have the opportunity to record, mix and master live concerts, as well as work on studio recording projects. Collaborations with other departments allows for film audio work like sound tracking and composing. The latest technology is available within the recording studios. With this program, musicians are given the tools they need to be on the cutting edge of technology.



Graduates from this program are qualified for sound recording and reinforcement,  
sound designing, media consultation, and teaching.

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:  The BS in Music Technology provides
the student with a broad and fundamental training in the areas of sound recording
and reinforcement, sound design, and media manipulation and creation. The program
prepares students well for sound engineering and reinforcement employment op-
portunities, as well as opportunities where sound creation, manipulation and design
are sought. Although graduate degrees are not  required for many of the areas of
employment in music  technology, they do increase the opportunities and experience
within the field and provide students with working knowledge and experience in
the ever changing technologies affecting the music field.  

JOB OUTLOOK:  Overall employment of sound engineering technicians is ex-
pected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations through the year 2014. 
Employment of broadcast and sound engineering technicians in the cable and pay
television portion of the broadcasting industry is expected to grow as the range
of products and services expands, including cable Internet access and video-on-
demand.  Employment of these workers in the motion picture industry is expected
to grow rapidly.

SALARY: Median annual earnings of sound engineering technicians in 2008 were
$43,010.  The middle 50 percent earned between $29,270 and $65,590, the highest
percent earned more than $90,770.

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