This program has been specifically designed for students who wish to have the enriching benefit of a liberal arts education. The Liberal Studies major gives a foundation in the social sciences, humanities, sciences and communication arts and provides a basis for adapting to demands of changing times, for working and communicating well with others, and for understanding and appreciating sciences, arts and letters.

  • Liberal Studies: Art, B.A.
  • Liberal Studies: Biological Science, B.A.
  • Liberal Studies: Drama, B.A.
  • Liberal Studies: English, B.A.
  • Liberal Studies: History, B.A.
  • Liberal Studies: Mathematics, B.A.
  • Liberal Studies: Music, B.A.
  • Liberal Studies: Physical Education, B.A.
  • Liberal Studies: Physical Science, B.A.
  • Liberal Studies: Spanish, B.A.

Career Opportunities

Graduates with this degree may find entry-level jobs in such careers as business, government, social services, health, welfare, and education. This degree is also an excellent foundation for graduate study in a variety of areas.

Educational Qualifications

Entry-level positions usually require a bachelor’s degree. Others may require additional work experience or education.

A bachelor of arts degree in Liberal Studies may be combined with teacher preparation programs to become elementary education teachers. For more information, consult the School of Education.