La Sierra Students and Faculty Participating in Archaeological Dig

Kent Bramlett
Kent Bramlett

June 30, 2010

La Sierra students and faculty have traveled to Jordan to assist in the Madaba Plains Project.

Read their weekly reports here.


Students and Faculty include:

Doug Clark
Ken Crane
Rebecca Waring-Crane
Kent Bramlett

Nicole Castanon
Stefanie Griffin
Michaela Herbert
Matthew Murdoch
Justin Waring-Crane (new LSU Honors Program student)
Canty Wang (recent graduate Honors Program)
Graeme Waring-Crane (high school student)

Others with LSU connections:
Gary and Suha Huffaker
Vera Kopecky
Audrey Shaffer

All photographs taken by John McDowell of PUC.

Graeme Waring-Crane Doug Clark Ken Crane
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