Update Regarding Campus Walking Path

The new walking trail is indicated by the red line on the map above.
The new walking trail is indicated by the red line on the map above.

September 2, 2010

This past summer La Sierra University replaced the grass field located inside the running track with a new artificial turf field. The university made this investment in order to provide a safer, more attractive space that can be used more regularly for classes, intramurals, athletic events, and general recreation for our University students.

We know that a number of people from the surrounding community visit the university campus to use the track around this field. Many have shared their appreciation and how much they value the opportunity the university was providing by making this area of our campus available. However, in order to protect the university’s significant financial investment, LSU administration concluded it has become necessary to install a new protective fence around the outside of the track, enclosing the track and new artificial turf. 

Like all La Sierra University facilities, the new athletic field exists first and foremost to serve the academic and recreational needs of our student body. While planning the new field and now the protective fence, the university has tried to balance a number of considerations, including:

  1. having fields that can be used safely and as regularly as possible;
  2. serving our primary stakeholders (LSU students);
  3. whenever possible serving our local community members; and
  4. the responsibility we have to protect our significant investment (the new artificial turf field). 

Because of the multiple types of usage the field will serve, we could not install the fence between the artificial turf and the inside of the track.  Thus the fence regrettably had to be positioned around the outside of the track.

While access to the track is now limited to La Sierra University students, faculty and staff, community members are welcomed to continue to make use of other campus facilities. Local community friends who used to walk on the track are now invited to use the 2/3 mile walking trail that has been created surrounding and adjacent to the new artificial turf field and softball field. This trail is indicated by the red line on the map above (click here for full-size map). Consisting of both paved areas and dirt paths, the trail begins at the southeast corner of parking lot “M” (by the gymnasium) and goes south towards Yeager Way (the main campus entrance drive).  It then runs east along Yeager Way, and then turns north by the entrance lake area and running parallel to Riverwalk Parkway towards the softball field.  The path goes around the softball backstop and turns west to go along Sierra Vista Ave.  It then turns south and runs parallel to the new field and returns to the starting point in parking lot “M”.   Another option for walkers is to use the sidewalks that run along each side of Yeager Way.

We ask all users to partner with us to keep this portion of our campus inviting, usable, and free of debris. We hope you continue to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

Thank You


  • Last update on  October 03, 2010