La Sierra University professor discovers new Gecko species

April 12, 2011
By Laurie Lucas
The Press-Enterprise

L. Lee Grismer, a field biologist at La Sierra University in Riverside, is gaga over a new species of forest gecko from Southeast Asia that he will present in the scientific journal Zootaxa in three months.

Listen to his rapture as he describes this latest conquest:

"Gorgeous, remarkably elegant looking! Arrowhead-shaped skull, long, lanky toes, bent limbs, big bulging eyes, pastel browns separated by thin white lines! It looks like an ancient Oriental painter sat down and came up with this trippy-looking lizard."

Grismer will test his hypothesis that the forest lizard is closely related to another new species he discovered last June. He will isolate the forest gecko's DNA and compare it to that of a similar reptile he tracked down in a cave at the Malaysia-Thailand border.

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