WASC Issues Notice of Concern Following Special Visit

By Larry Becker
July 19, 2011

La Sierra University has received a letter from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) outlining the results of its April 2011 Special Visit.

Though the University’s eight-year regional accreditation is not affected, WASC has identified concerns regarding the role and composition of the La Sierra University Board of Trustees and issues related to institutional autonomy. Those findings have led WASC to issue a Notice of Concern.

The WASC Commission has requested a meeting between WASC leadership and the university president, provost, and full governing board within the coming 90 days to offer further information as to the reasons for their actions and to discuss the University's response plan.  WASC has also indicated that they will return for a follow-up visit to La Sierra in Spring 2012 to determine whether appropriate progress is being made in addressing their concerns. 

The University Board of Trustees, meeting on July 18, issued the following response:

The Board of Trustees has reviewed the Commission’s action, and it takes WASC's findings seriously.  The Board will meet again next month and begin reviewing the actions necessary to address their concerns.

The trustees also voted to immediately reconvene the Articles and Bylaws Committee to review and potentially revise the University Bylaws in response to concerns noted by WASC.

The Commission’s letter can be found at http://bit.ly/pqugbT


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  • Last update on  July 19, 2011