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LSUDrama Members
LSUDrama Members

Top ten reasons you should attend the LSUDrama 4th Annual Festival of One Acts!

March 3, 2011

1.  Make history!  We're talking world premieres folks!  That's right.  Five brand new plays written by LSU students from Dr. Lora Geriguis' play-writing class.   

2.  It's local.  You don't have to drive to the Dorothy Chandler pavilion.  Just mosey over to Matheson for an entertaining evening of provocative, funny, and thoughtful fare.

3.  It's not ridiculously priced.  In fact we're practically giving the tickets away at five bucks with LSU ID and if you can name one of the five new plays (hint, they're listed below!).

4.  There are five one act plays, with something for everyone including laughter, philosophy, who-dun-nit, dramady, and heartbreak.   For example:

5. "The Persistence of Fish" written by Jason Wymore and directed by Patrick Garrett York.   The marriage between an art loving wife and her oft-deployed army engineer husband is played out across the telephone wires that are as plagued with disconnections as is their relationship.

6. "Assoon" written by Julie Ahn and directed by Brianna Jones.  A germophobic elementary school teacher is forced to face the school day and her students without her Purell. In a structure reminiscent of "six degrees of separation" she eventually confronts her psychologist brother whose childhood teasing gave her the disorder in the first place.

7.  "STYCE: Some things you can't explain" written by Christian Soto and directed by Edgar Hernandez.  An astrophysicists professor confronts his UFO obsessed father during an awkward Thanksgiving visit home. The drama that transpires borrows motifs from the parable of the prodigal son and the attitude of doubting Thomas.

8.  "My Teacher is Dead" written by Kassy Skoretz and directed by Melissa Totton.  An English professor has dropped dead on the first day of class. Three eye witnesses are interviewed by two competitive detectives to determine who could be responsible.  Was his death from complications related to his diabetes? Was it suicide? Or was it murder? Wishful thinking?

9.  "Isn't It Enough?" written by Katherine Huffman and directed by Darren Thomas.   Newly graduated from college, interns at an advertising agency compete for that elusive promotion and each other.

10. This is a painless opportunity for you to support the live arts and our students.

We hope to see you at the Theater!

WHEN:  March 3, 5, 6
TIME:  8 p.m.
WHERE:  Matheson Hall
TICKETS:  General Admission $10.  LSU students/faculty/staff $7.
BOX OFFICE:  English/Communications Department in South Hall (951)785-2241

Some of the plays in this festival contain adult situations which may not be suitable for young children.


PR Contact: Larry Becker
Executive Director of University Relations
La Sierra University
Riverside, California
951.785.2460 (voice)


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