La Sierra kicks off Research Emphasis Week

La Sierra University student conducts research.

La Sierra University student conducts research
Gary Chartier, School of Business Associate Professor of Law and Business Ethics
Gary Chartier, School of Business Associate Professor of Law and Business Ethics

May 31, 2011
By Darla Martin Tucker

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – ( It’s Research Emphasis Week at La Sierra University, an annual event that showcases a plethora of intriguing discoveries made by students across disciplines, as well as interesting presentations and lectures.

The week’s activities are anchored by the traditional poster session scheduled for June 1. All told, 97 graduate and undergraduate students will display 55 research posters from 6-7 p.m. at La Sierra’s Price Science Complex. A poster awards ceremony will follow a lecture by Gary Chartier, associate professor of law and business ethics and associate dean of La Sierra’s School of Business.

The students’ research topics range widely and draw from among the university’s varied degree programs including psychology, chemistry, biology, world languages and health and exercise science. Research subjects run the gamut from analysis of Nabataean pottery using x-ray fluorescence, impacts of ultraviolet light exposure on sea urchin embryonic development, to topics on nuclear energy, faith development, and suspect matching and memory.

Chartier will deliver the Faculty Senate Distinguished Scholarship Award Lecture at 7 p.m. in Cossentine Hall, Room 106. His lecture, titled “Anarchism as a Research Program in Law” focuses on the form legal research might take into the nature of peaceful, voluntary cooperation. This includes historical research, such as ways people organized themselves anarchically in the past; philosophical inquiry into such as matters as whether the notion of “law” entails reference to the state and whether the state is just; and social and behavioral-scientific inquiry that examines such issues as identifying the economics of self-organization.

Chartier also serves as the business school’s associate dean. Last year the university recognized his work with the 2010 Distinguished Faculty Scholarship Award. Chartier’s numerous published works include nearly 30 scholarly articles and three books: “The Conscience of an Anarchist” (2011); “The Analogy of Love: Divine and Human Love at the Center of Christian Theology” (2007); “Economic Justice and Natural Law” (2009, Cambridge University Press). His legal scholarship has appeared in such top tier publications as the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Legal Theory and The American Journal of Jurisprudence. Additionally his work has been cited in many major legal publications including the Harvard Law Review, the Columbia Law Review, the Boston University Law Review and the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism.

Currently he is completing the work titled “Anarchy under Law: Law and Politics for a Stateless Society.” A collection of essays he co-edited with Charles W. Johnson will be released later this year. The collection is titled “Markets Not Capitalism: Individualist Anarchism against Bosses, Inequality, Corporate Power, and Structural Poverty.”

Additional Research Week events will take place as follows:

Wednesday, June 1
Honors Program, “What I Learned from my Senior Scholarship Project”
12-1 p.m., Cactus Room, Dining Commons    
Assistant history professor Andrew Howe will interview six, 2011 Honors Program seniors about their research experiences.
Thursday, June 2
English and Communication Undergraduate Presentations
11-11:50 a.m., Matheson Hall
Presentations to include creative readings, a speech and debate piece and a Shakespeare literary criticism paper.    

Honors Program
 - Scholarship Proposal Presentations
3:40-6:20 p.m., Cossentine Hall, Room 102
Research topics include traditional ballads of Baja, California, studies of anti-tumoral plant compounds, a sketch of characters from a William Faulkner work and nanoscale drug delivery for cancer treatment.

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