Business school revamps resource center

Feb. 6, 2013
By Darla Martin Tucker

Mr. Jee Lee, coordinator of the newly opened ZSB Resource Center chats with a student.Whether helping students enter a professional school or zero in on career goals, the newly expanded resource center at La Sierra University’s Zapara School of Business has made a substantial impact since its opening in early December.

“I have used it countless times for various reasons,” said sophomore marketing and management major Leslie Busick. “That’s my favorite thing about the Resource Center--it’s versatility. I’ve gone there for tutoring, resume building, interview skills, how to formally ask for letters of recommendation, essay writing, and just overall life mentoring. And it’s always available and flexible to fit the schedules of the students.”

The Zapara School of Business Resource Center, built upon an earlier resource center format, on Dec. 3 introduced its new coordinator, Jee Lee and officially opened for business. In its first pilot year the center is offering students services in three major categories: holistic academic and career strategies advising, a tutoring program and substitute teaching services. All of the business school’s faculty and staff are involved with the center.

The center’s long-term goals include formulating and encouraging novel learning methods through the center’s offerings as well as through faculty courses. For example, during winter quarter, the center initiated a pilot program called “mindQ+” in an intermediate accounting course. The program leverages students’ creativity to generate subject-specific memory aides, or mnemonics, to boost their long-term mastery of foundational concepts.

Mr. Jee Lee, coordinator of the newly opened ZSB Resource Center, works with studentsTutoring is offered for undergraduate financial accounting and managerial accounting courses and in winter quarter tutoring and/or exam reviews for Auditing Theory and Practice, Managerial Finance, and Managerial Statistics. “In serving our students through the tutoring program, our mission is to inspire deep curiosity in our students,” said Lee. “This is what we like to tell our students--‘If you've come to this tutoring session looking for answers to your homework questions, then you’re in the wrong place. But if you’ve come to this session ready to challenge us with questions to your homework answers, then our time is yours.’”

Lee, who personally provides guidance and advising, has already garnered praises from his young charges.

Commented Busick, “He has helped me work tirelessly towards a major goal in my life and I can’t thank him enough for that. He was absolutely helpful to me, providing me not with answers, but examples and advice.” She plans to one day own a hotel or chain of hotels.

Master of Business Administration accounting student Yang Wang visited the center four times and worked with Lee on crafting a personal statement for his application to the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s Master of Law program.

“He could spend just one hour to proofread my personal statement, but he didn’t. Actually, he gave me many successful examples, explained to me every detail patiently, and focused on improving my writing skills,” said Wang. “After four appointments, I finished my personal statement myself and it was excellent. Besides, Lee gave me many ideas and suggestions about my future which I had never thought of before, and they definitely are helping me to rethink my future strategy.”

  • Last update on  February 26, 2013