Webinar series draws from Adventist education summit

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – (www.lasierra.edu) In October 2010, nearly 300 Seventh-day Adventist educators and leaders from around the United States congregated at La Sierra University to discuss school closures, sluggish staff recruitment and other issues challenging the church’s education system despite research showing Adventist schools produce well-rounded, high-achieving students.

The event, called the National Summit on Education resulted in much discussion, collaboration and planning. One of the outgrowths of the summit is a book, published by La Sierra University’s Center for Research on Adventist Education (CRAE) entitled “Perils and Promises: Adventist Education at the Crossroads.” It is comprised of papers selected from those submitted for the conference and is edited by former School of Education Dean Clinton Valley, curriculum and instruction professor/CRAE director Elissa Kido, CRAE director’s assistant Marilyn Beach and Douglas Herrmann, headmaster, Loma Linda Academy.

In continuing the conversation, CRAE is holding webinars on topics drawn from the book and presented by authors of articles in the book.

The webinars, which began Feb. 6, are offered every second and fourth Wednesday through May, from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. There is no cost to sign in. Thus far, three webinars have been held on the following topics: changes in the way church money is distributed for Adventist education; ways church schools can become an integral part of their secular community with resultant good will, mutual support, and increased enrollment; and how to save schools in danger of closing. Speakers thus far have included Thambi Thomas, retired Pacific Union Conference Associate Director of Education and former secondary and elementary school principal; May Oles, principal, Columbine Christian School in Durango, Colo.; and Dennis Nooner, Jr. 
entrepreneur, general manager of Homeplace LLC and Mosaic Healthcare Technologies.

The March 27 webinar has been cancelled. Due to circumstances beyond his control, scheduled speaker Dr. Gustavo Gregorutti will not be able to give his webinar presentation, “Alternative Models of Funding Higher Education: Past and Present Trends."

The next webinar will be on April 10 with Matthew Butte, the current principal of Columbia Adventist Academy located in the North Pacific Union. He holds a B.A. in Theology from Newbold College, a PGCE from King’s College in London, and a M.Ed. in Religious Education from Boston College. He has served as a chaplain and religion teacher at the secondary level.

Matthew Butte will discuss “Faithfulness to Adventist Christianity in the Adventist School.”

Visit this web page for further information: http://lasierra.edu/index.php?id=9159.

  • Last update on  March 25, 2013