Retired Air Force colonel ties principles, values to success

Retired Air Force Colonel and education entrepreneur Bob Krone recently gave a lecture for La Sierra's business students.
Retired Air Force Colonel and education entrepreneur Bob Krone recently gave a lecture for La Sierra's business students.

May 14, 2013

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – ( Careful preparation, performance excellence, and values orientation – these are the main criteria for achieving success, according to retired United States Air Force Colonel Bob Krone.

Krone, a former La Sierra University visiting professor, delivered his views on ways to reach achievement with a May 7 lecture at La Sierra titled “Timeless Keys to Success.” The lecture served as a Zapara School of Business assembly for business students.

Krone’s views and criteria on success attainment originate from an Air Force policy letter he crafted in 1971 titled “The Politics and Power of Lieutenancy.”

Krone believes “success happens when preparation plus performance meet opportunity.”

“Principles and values are 90 percent of success,” Krone told his audience of students, administrators and faculty. “Principles are based on values. Leaders are defined by the principles they hold. If those principles fail, leaders fail.”

He encouraged the analysis of values as a tool for understanding oneself, organizations and nations. “Values are principles or things preferred,” he said. “How do we understand how some people are very successful, and others fall by the wayside? The answer is values analysis.”

(Left to right) Zapara School of Business Dean John Thomas, former Dean Ignatius Yacoub, retired Air Force Colonel/Kepler Space Institute Provost Bob Krone, doctors Larry and Arlene Downing, and Joseph Sobodowski, educator and CEO of SmartFleet Inc.Values can be also be dangerous, he continued. “Lots of organizational values are not open and explicit. They tend to be hidden.” Values analysis can bring conflicting values to the surface, said Krone.

Krone, who served as a business school distinguished visiting professor from 1992-2007, told the students La Sierra offers a unique and rewarding experience. “All you have to do is follow the destiny that’s built in for you and you are going to be successful because of the faith values and the principles,” he said.

Krone served in the United States Air Force between 1952 and1975. He served in the Vietnam conflict between 1965-66 and was the first Air Force commander in the Vietnam War to fly 100 combat missions over North Vietnam. His extraordinary military contributions resulted in the Silver Star and 16 other combat decorations.

Krone is co-founder and provost of Kepler Space Institute, an online educational organization, and has authored or co-authored six books and 70 professional journal articles. He holds a doctorate of philosophy in political sciences from the University of California, Los Angeles and is a member of Aerospace Technology Working Group, a space policy and program innovation center established by NASA. He is also an emeritus professor of the University of Southern California and served as an adjunct professor for doctoral programs at the International Graduate School of Business, University of South Australia.

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