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Disability Services

Categories of Disabilities

Blind/Visual Impairment

This refers to Blindness or partial sight to the degree that interferes/impedes with educational process and requires support services or program.

Deaf/Hard of hearing

The causes and degrees of hearing loss vary across Deaf and hard-of-hearing community.  Deaf and hard-of-hearing students might also experience speech impairments.  Therefore, the method of communication also varies for each student.

Mobility Impairment

Support services or programs are needed due to limitation in locomotion or motor functions.  For example, persons who have asthma, cardiovascular problems, or who do not have motor functions necessary to lift or carry items normally used in an academic setting, such as books and supplies.

Learning Disability

Learning disability is a permanent neurologically based condition that affects how students with normal or above average intelligence acquire, store, organize and use of skills and knowledge.

Psychological Disability

Based on a diagnosis from the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-IV-TR, a psychological disorder is a persistent mental or emotional disorder, that interferes with educational functioning and necessitates support services.



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