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Disability Services

How to register with ODS

In order to receive services, you must be enrolled and registered for classes at La Sierra University.  Students must provide ODS with disability related documentation from an appropriate licensed professional to verify the student has a disability in order to receive reasonable accommodations.

In order to be eligible for reasonable accommodation, the disability must be verified by ODS staff.  The following steps must be completed in order to receive accommodations:

Step 1.  Complete and submit the Application for Services form.
Step 2.  Submit appropriate documentation to ODS office.
Step 3.  Meet with ODS staff for an intake interview.  ODS staff will determine eligibility for services during the intake.  

ODS staff will discuss and arrange the appropriate accommodations with you.  ODS reserves the right to deny services or accommodation, pending receipt of the documentation.  Students who are found to be non-disabled are referred to other campus and community resources for assistance.

In order to receive accommodations in a timely manner, please be sure to contact ODS early so that you can make necessary arrangements to obtain appropriate documentation.

Please note:  Office of Disability Services does not provide testing for psychological and/or learning disabilities.






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Office of Disability Services

La Sierra University
4500 Riverwalk Parkway
Riverside, CA 92515

email: ods@lasierra.edu
Phone: 951.785.2453

Fax: 951-785-2271

Office Location:

La Sierra Hall, Lower Level
Room 100B







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