La Sierra University REQUIRES all its International Students to maintain an adequate health insurance throughout the duration of their F-1 student status. 

Therefore, Health Services offers a comprehensive insurance plan just for the International Students through United Health. Your insurance plan will be purchased for you at the time of registration and will be automatically renewed throughout your stay at La Sierra, including summer and vacation periods. 

The insurance fees will be automatically charged to your student account. Fees may vary every quarter so please contact your Student Financial Services Counselor or Student Health Services for more information about current fees.

Only under extraordinary circumstances, our Health Services will waive the required medical insurance coverage by United health. Petitions to waive the medical insurance must be submitted in writing with proof of comparable medical coverage to the Director of Student Health Services, Hurda Duran at or contact her at 951.785.2200.

It is strongly suggested  that you do no request to waive the University plan in order to use the Health Service Center on campus. You can use the Health Center for basic medical needs such as doctor's visits, some medications, information, and check-ups. Furthermore, U.S medical facilities such as hospitals and pharmacies might not accept your insurance needs for international students.

NOTE ON MEDICATIONS: It is not possible in the United States to purchase antibiotics and most medications without a prescription from a U.S. doctor. DO NOT GO TO MEXICO TO PURCHASE MEDICATION. If you need help trying to find out what the name of medication or illness is in English, you can just visit Student Health Services by clicking HERE.

For more information about your health insurance please contact: Student Health Services, 951.785.2200, 

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