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La Sierra University REQUIRES all its International Students to maintain an adequate health insurance throughout the duration of their F-1 student status. 

Therefore, the Office of International Student Services offers a comprehensive insurance plan just for the International Students through HTH Worldwide. Your insurance plan will be purchased for you at the time of registration and will be automatically renewed throughout your stay at La Sierra, including summer and vacation periods. 

The insurance fees will be automatically charged to your student account. Fees may vary every quarter so please contact our office for more information about current fees.

Only under extraordinary circumstances, our office will waive the required medical insurance coverage by HTH Worldwide. Petitions to waive the medical insurance must be submitted in writing with proof of comparable medical coverage to the Director of International Students Services. 

It is strongly suggested  that you do no request to waive the University plan in order to use the Health Service Center on campus. You can use the Health Center for basic medical needs such as doctor's visits, some medications, information, and check-ups. Furthermore, U.S medical facilities such as hospitals and pharmacies might not accept your insurance needs for international students, contact the OISS or the Health Center. 

NOTE ON MEDICATIONS: It is not possible in the United States to purchase antibiotics and most medications without a prescription from a U.S. doctor. DO NOT GO TO MEXICO TO PURCHASE MEDICATION. If you need help trying to find out what the name of medication or illness is in English, you can just visit Health Services by clicking HERE.

Print Your Insurance Card


  • Go on-line to GGH Students.com
  • Click "Sign-In"
  • If you already registered with them, enter your email address and password. If you never logged in before, then enter your email address and select "I'm a new user." Follow the instructions. If you need your Certificate Number, contact us. (Please include in the email your name and LSU ID#)
  • Click on the upper left corner in the "My Benefits"
  • Click on the "ID" green icon (to the right). You will need Acrobat Reader to see/print your card

If you have questions regarding your benefits or the information in your certificate, please call toll-free 888.850.4770 (outside the US, call 610.254.8790 collect). For more information or contact the Office of International Student Services at oiss@lasierra.edu


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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical care in the U.S. is expensive, complicated, and often difficult to obtain. There is no government-sponsored health plan, which means no free medical care. A typical doctor’s visit averages $150, and an overnight hospital stay can cost thousands. When an unforeseen accident or illness occurs, it is important that you have insurance to help cover these high costs. When used in accordance with the guidelines, the insurance policy provided by La Sierra University is designed to cover 90% (after copay) of costs for medical treatment as well as 50% of the cost for medications.

We know the health care system in the United States may be very different from what you are used to, so please call Ascension with any questions you might have at 1-800-537-1777 (Monday–Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT).

You will be automatically enrolled in the International Student Insurance Plan at registration and your student account will be charged. If you enroll in the plan, you may also enroll your spouse, or children under the age of 26. Dependents must be enrolled at the same time you enroll or within 31 days of marriage, birth, adoption, or arrival in the U.S.

If your visa status changes or if you terminate your F-1 status, you are no longer eligible for coverage under this insurance plan. Your coverage will be terminated. If you have not used the insurance and you are returning to your home country, you may request a refund from the school for the number of full months remaining in the term.

Yes, you are still eligible. You can obtain an enrollment form through your school administrator in the International Office. In addition, students who are on Optional Practical Training must provide a Verification of Practical Training Letter to be eligible for this insurance coverage and must purchase OPT coverage within 30 days of the expiration date of their prior coverage.

Your insurance ID card will be mailed to you at the address on file with the University. If you need to seek medical treatment before you receive your card, please contact Ascension at 1-800-537-1777 to inquire about your insurance ID number. You may also download a copy of your insurance ID card from www.gghstudents.com.

You should go to Student Health Services (SHS) on campus for treatment first. The SHS is located at 11498 Pierce Street, Suite A. You may call 1-951-785-2200 to make an appointment. The copay is waived at SHS, and services are covered at no cost. If you receive treatment outside the SHS, it is strongly recommended that you visit a PPO provider for treatment. In order for your medical bills to be paid at 90% when you seek treatment off-campus, the doctor or hospital you visit must be a member of the Preferred Provider Organization (Blue Cross PPO). Note that there is a $30 copay if you see a PPO doctor. 

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. It is a network of doctors, specialists, and hospitals that accept the La Sierra University insurance plan. All participating PPO providers listed on the website at www.anthem.com/ca are available to you for consultation and treatment. Always check with the doctor or medical facility directly to confirm that they are still a participating PPO provider before you receive treatment.

In the case of an emergency go to the nearest hospital or call 911. You may receive treatment at any hospital. You will pay a $100 copay for treatment at an emergency room (waived if admitted to hospital).

If it is not a life-threatening condition but you need to see a doctor right away and cannot wait for a scheduled appointment, it is a good idea to visit an urgent care center, rather than a hospital emergency room. Use of an urgent care center instead of a hospital emergency room may decrease your out-of-pocket expenses, which means it will save you money. Urgent care centers provide medical treatment for a minor injury or sickness when immediate care is needed.

The following urgent care centers are part of the PPO network:

Riverside Medical Clinic
7117 Brockton Ave.
Riverside, CA 92506

Corona Doctors Medical Clinics 802 Magnolia Ave., FL 1
Corona, CA 92879

Vista Medical Group
2071 Compton Ave., Ste. 102
Corona, CA 92881

After you are enrolled in the plan, the insurance will pay for most covered treatment and services, but you will be required to pay for certain things yourself (out of pocket), including the copay and coinsurance. There is a $30 copay at a PPO doctor’s office. There is also a $100 copay for each hospital visit, inpatient or outpatient, including emergency room visits. You may also be required to pay 40% coinsurance (your cost share) for non-PPO providers. The coinsurance for prescription drugs is 50% of the cost of the drug.

You will also be responsible for any charges you incur for treatment or services that are excluded or limited under this plan, so please read the plan brochure carefully before seeking treatment.

1.       Go to www.4studenthealth.com/ilsu

2.       Select the school year (2014–2015)

3.       Scroll down the page to the section “Locate a Doctor or Hospital”

4.       Follow the instructions on the page and click on the link

Your insurance is an accident and sickness policy. This means your insurance covers you only when you are sick or you have had an accident. However, there is an annual woman’s wellness visit, which includes a cervical cancer screening and a breast exam.

Yes, outpatient (not hospitalized) prescription drugs are covered at 50% of actual charges. You should always ask for the generic form (not brand name) of the drug, if available, as this will decrease the cost. You may use any pharmacy, including CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. Please note that you will need to pay for prescriptions in full at the time of pickup. You may then submit a claim for reimbursement for the portion the company is responsible for paying.

General vision and dental benefits are not provided by this student health insurance plan. Please contact Ascension at 1-800-537-1777 or visit www.4studenthealth.com/smilesaver for details on other options.

Always bring your insurance ID card and photo identification. In addition, be sure to bring cash or a credit card to pay your copay directly to the provider, if required.

If the bills are given or sent to you, you must send copies of them to the claims department. The claims department may require further information to process your claim. Send your copies and claims to the following address:

BC – Life & Health
P.O. Box 60007
Los Angeles, CA 90060-0007

If you have paid for a prescription or doctor visit with your own money, you will need to submit a claim form for reimbursement. If you do not have a claim form, you may download one at www.4studenthealth.com/ilsu. Send copies of the claim form and receipts to the above address. 

You may contact the claims department directly by calling 1-800-695-1164. You may request a claims representative who speaks your native language if needed.

Coverage is worldwide. Any treatment received outside California is covered at 90% for PPO and 60% for non-PPO after the copays. The copays cannot be waived. All medical bills, receipts, and other information should be sent to the following address:

BC – Life & Health 
P.O. Box 60007 
Los Angeles, CA 90060-0007

Go to www.4studenthealth.com/ilsu and do any of the following:

ï    Review your insurance plan benefits and coverage dates

ï    Download claim forms and instructions for filing a claim 

ï    Search for a doctor

Contact And Location

(951) 785-2237
(951) 785-2919
Administration Building, Room 206