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Safety Information


International Student Services reminds all international students that it is critical to report all incidents to the police so that the entire community can remain safe. If police don't have reports of incidents as they occur, they are not aware that there is a problem with safety in particular areas of the city. If they are not aware of incidents, they can't direct additional patrols to those areas and prevent additional crimes, harassment, or other incidents from taking place. If you are afraid to report an incident on your own or are unsure how to do so, please contact an OISS advisor for assistance
51.785.2237). Information about safety and the annual La Sierra University Campus Crime Report is in the Security Department's web site.

How do I report an incident?

For all emergencies, where your personal safety or the safety of others is in immediate jeopardy, call the police using the 911 emergency telephone number from any telephone. (Remember, if you are on campus, dial 9-911.) You can also use the emergency call boxes located in various places on campus, and in University owned apartments.

If you are not sure how to operate an emergency call box, look carefully at one as you walk by it. For those on campus, just press the indicated button. For those some, you first have to open the box. There is a small black handle on the right side of the box. Press in the large black button on the handle and pull the handle toward you to open the box. Once open, there is a button to press, like the ones on campus. Remember, pressing the inside button will automatically call the police, and they will know which call box you are calling from.
For any non-emergencies (or after an incident occurred that you didn't report but now want to report), you can either call the police or call our Security department to help you make a report.
To help protect your neighbors or others from experiencing problems, please encourage everyone you know to file reports when they occur. Remember, if you don't report incidents, no one can help prevent what happened to you from happening to someone else. 

What can I do to prevent crimes from happening?

Below are some general safety tips from the Security Department. If you would like to have any of these officers come to a student organization club meeting, they are available to do that.

Safety Information:

Child Safety Information

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