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International Student Services

Tax Resources

There are many tax resources available in the Internet. Here are just a few suggestions*.

Lionel Henry*

Mr. Henry is a Tax Preparer licensed with the California Tax Education Council. He has offered to do taxes for international students at LSU for a minimal fee. Please stop by our office to pick up a tax package or click here to download it.

Inland Tax & Accounting

Mr. Andrew Jonahs, EA, MBA has also offered to do taxes for international students. His contact information is: 909-799-5499 or nuttonjonahs@hotmail.com.

IE Taxes*

A former LSU international student who is now an accountant runs this company and helps international students with their taxes. Certain fees apply. For more information, contact 951.781.3908 or by email at jennykao@ietaxes.com. www.ietaxes.com

Tax Back International*

This is an online tax filing service that assists international students by providing online and telephone assistance in multiple languages. Certain fees do apply; this is not a free service. For more information, contact at 888.203.8900 (toll free) or by email at info@taxback.com. www.taxback.com

IS Taxes*

This is an online tax filing program for international students. Certain fees do apply; this is not a free service. For more information, visit their web site at www.istaxes.com.

On-line Tax Services*

These are online tax filing services usually for every one. Certain fees do apply.

Professional Accountants*

If the resources available to you are not adequate enough for you to file your tax return independently, you may choose to consult a professional accountant. While these services are very helpful, they can also be costly. You will need to consider carefully the degree of need versus expense before using such a service. Before you enter into an agreement with a professional tax preparer, be sure to ask if they have experience completing forms for international students. Local accountants can be identified by searching the yellow pages of the phone book. Many Americans rely on professional accountants to do their taxes; however, we wish to point out that accounting services are privately run businesses and we cannot vouch for nor endorse the services of any particular accountant. You may want to ask other international students for recommendations or call the Better Business Bureau at 909. 835.6064 to inquire whether there are complaints against businesses you consider.

* The OISS does not benefit, financially or otherwise, from advertising any of the businesses listed above, and we cannot be held liable for any information/service/fees/etc that the said companies provide you.

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