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The office of International Students Services is looking forward to meeting you! International Student Orientation is designed to support the success and wellness of international students at La Sierra University. During this mandatory orientation, we will talk about: 

  • How to maintain your immigration status
  • Intercultural Adjustments and U.S Academic System
  • Health and Safety Procedures
  • Campus Services and Student Organizations
  • General Registration Procedures
  • Being part of the International Family here at La Sierra University

Our immigration orientations are geared toward students that hold an F-1 visa and/or have received an I-20 form from our office. Other visa holders are welcome to join our orientation but are not required to attend. F-1 students are required to attend our immigration orientation, failure to do so will result in a reasonable fee.


During the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter, there's usually a required in-depth immigration orientation for all new and returning international students. There are also other required orientations available below. Identify your Level of Education below for more information about orientation.

QuarterLevel of EducationDateLocationTime
Winter 2015All New/Returning International StudentsJan 9   Cactus Rm   12 PM-3 PM
Spring 2015All New/Returning International StudentsApril 3   Palm Rm   12 PM-3 PM


Hosted by CSAS (Center for Student Academic Success) Department. This orientation is different from your international orientation and is only required for New Freshmen and Transfer students. For more information visit CSAS orientation webpage

Dates for First Year Experience Orientation for International Students 

  • Winter 2015: January 2, 2015
  • Spring 2015: March 27

OISS Booklet: New and Transfer International Student Orientation Handbook

Contact US

Future/Incoming Students:

Current Students:

Phone: 951-785-2237
Phone: 951-785-2919

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International Office - I want to Study @ La Sierra

I want to Study @ La Sierra

Type any question you have. Give us detailed information in your question for us to understand you better.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Meet your future classmates, staff, and international community.
  • Obtain important information about your status as an F-1 student. 
  • Sign International Student contract. 
  • Learn about student employment, Social Security Number, and California Driver's License.
  • Learn about your Health Insurance
  • Clear Registration Holds.
  • Get Advised and Registered.
  • Obtain official student ID card and Parking Permit. 
  • Resources On and Off Campus. 

Winter 2015 


  • January 9, 2015 12 PM - 3 PM

Spring 2015


  • April 3, 2015 12 PM - 3 PM

Summer 2015


  • Appointments ONLY

Simply click HERE or go to www.lasierra.edu/oiss and click on the International "Immigration" Orientation button. 

NO COST, it's FREE. However, failure to attend the full orientation will result in a $50 fine. 

If you are a male student, please report directly to Sierra Towers. If you are a female student age 21 and under, please report to Angwin Hall. If you are a female student age 22 and higher, please report to Calkins Hall. 

You will need to head straight to the Office of International Student Services located in the Administration Building Room 206. 

Yes! Please register online at www.lasierra.edu/testing. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Testing Center at 951.785.2453 or testing@lasierra.edu

Yes! Listed below are the contact information for your advisors: 

Undergraduate Students: Contact your advisor at 951.785.2237 or advising@lasierra.edu

Graduate Students: Contact your perspective departments.


Music Certificate Students: Contact your advisor at 951.785.2036 or music@lasierra.edu 

English as a Second Language Students: Contact Nanci Mina at 951.785.2351 or nmina@lasierra.edu  

They are language proficiency tests that are designed to help you place in the appropriate English as a Second Language (ESL) course but if you pass the test or have submitted passing scores, then you do not need to take them. 

Yes, BUT you will have to wait for the next quarter. 

TOEFL costs $50

Michigan Language costs $35

Placement tests are designed to help you place in the appropriate english and/or math class. 

Not everyone will need to take a placement test. Once you are accepted and all your final transcripts are processed, either the office of admissions or your advisor will let you know. Most of the time, a hold will appear on your student account and it will state the type of placement test you will need to take. 

There are a few options:

Option 1: Talk to your residential dormitory and reserve a guest room. You can contact the three dormitories with the following informations: 


Option 2: Check out our local hotels near our university. Many of them offer discounts if you mention that you attend La Sierra University. Click HERE for more information. 

For Fall quarter, you are allowed to move in 1 or 2 days before the date of your international orientation.

For Winter, Spring, & Summer quarter(s), you are ONLY allowed to move in 1 or 2 days before school starts. 

You will need to make prior arrangements with the International Students Office. Please contact us at oiss@lasierra.edu or 951.785.2237. NOTE: you might live in a hotel and will need to pay for the remainder of your stay. 

Contact And Location

(951) 785-2237
(951) 785-2919
Administration Building, Room 206