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La Sierra Outreach Give a Day!

La Sierra Outreach is the community service group at La Sierra University. As a student, you are an integral part of La Sierra Outreach.

The students and faculty on our campus are blessed financially, academically, socially, and spiritually. However, many people outside of our gates cannot partake in the same pleasures we have everyday.

We invite you to join us on Saturday afternoons to serve our community in love. We provide food for the hungry, visit the lonely, play games with kids, and give our time to share God's love with people in our local community.

Roots Ministry Give a Day!

Roots Ministry is a student-led ministry from La Sierra University. We began in the early 2000's and were originally known as Home Base Ministries. Although the name has changed to Roots Ministry, the mission and goal has stayed the same.

The mission of this ministry is to spread the word of God by branching and serving others by going out to different churches and schools,  while also building relationships with others thru the love of God. We carry this out by using the talents that He has given us thru praise and worship, message thru scriptures, and also demonstrating His love by drama and activities (skits, children's story, etc.) 

Roots has had the privilege of traveling to different states such as Arizona, Nevada, and also cities in California such as, Napa, Fresno, San Diego, and many others. We branch out to reach not only churches, but also the youth in our academies, which are our future leaders. 

We believe that everything we do in this Ministry is not to glorify ourselves, or our school. This ministry is to glorify the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. He has given us this blessing to go out and minister for Him. He will always be the center of our Ministry.

Give a Week: Impact Short-Term Trips

Impact is a program at La Sierra University, that aims to help students serve others within their local and global communities via short term trips. Through Impact, students have the opportunity to go to various places and serve doing different projects such as construction, medical/dental care, vacation bible school, and so much more.

Impact Calendar

Summer 2015CambodiaConstruction: Work with Raw Impact to bring relief to Cambodia
Summer 2015MajuroClinical: Canvasback Missions
Summer 2015Dominican RepublicEvangelistic: Preaching

Impact Online Application

Impact Contact Information

951.785.2090, Option 6
951.785.2199 fax