La Sierra Outreach Give A Day

La Sierra Outreach is the community service group at La Sierra University.

La Sierra Outreach is the student-led community service ministry of the University.  We may not have the money to change the world, but we have creativity, powerful bodies and the ability to love others.  Do something to help others.  Make great friends.  Join an Outreach event this year!

Roots Ministry Give a Day

Roots Ministry is a student-led ministry from La Sierra University. 

Although the name has changed over the years, the mission and goal has remained the same... to share the Gospel to churches and schools throughout the Pacific Union. Yet our greatest goal is to do it with YOU, our campus community.  So come on out.  Travel with Roots!

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Short-term Missions Give a Summer!

Do Summer Camp or travel with STMission Trips...or both!

2 week - 8 week adventures await!

Missions Give a Year!

Year-long Student Missions is an international aid and wellness program.  

  • Engage in lasting community relationships
  • Use talents that you already have. (No experience required).
  • Bring healing and hope to our global community.