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The Program in Philosophical Studies is designed to provide interested students a set of opportunities:

  • To encounter and explore some of the major philosophical ideas that have shaped human understanding, culture, and history.
  • To develop a high level of skill in critical and constructive thinking.

Why Study Philosophy?

Students in the philosophical studies program can readily integrate philosophy with one or more other academic disciplines such as religion, intellectual history, the natural sciences, and the human sciences. Several suggested curricula are listed below. These majors require a minimum of 60 quarter units, including 20 units of core courses in philosophical studies. For additional information consult the coordinator of the Program in Philosophical Studies

We offer the following:

Bachelor of Arts

"The object of studying philosophy is to know one's own mind, not other people's."

dean inge

What People Are Saying:

At La Sierra I knew they would give me a big picture: It's about what we do for other people. Our call is ultimately to serve others.

Maritza Duran, 2007 M.A.

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