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Bachelor of Science in Biophysics

Required: 69 units in biology and physics, including:

  • Core Curriculum: (31 units) Required of all students majoring in the Department of Physics

PHYS 231, 231L General Physics I, laboratory
PHYS 232, 232L General Physics II, laboratory
PHYS 233, 233L General Physics III, laboratory
PHYS 301 Mathematical Physics
PHYS 326 Human Body Mechanics
PHYS 385 Physics Seminar (to be taken twice)
PHYS 415 Advanced Physics Lab
PHYS 464 Statistical and Thermal Physics

  • Additional courses required:

BIOL 111, 111L General Biology I, with laboratory
BIOL 112, 112L General Biology II, with laboratory
BIOL 113, 113L General Biology III, with laboratory
BIOL 301 Cell and Molecular Biology
PHYS 219 Introduction to Biophysics
PHYS 336 Physics of Biomaterials
PHYS 346 Biomedical Imaging

PHYS 356 Cellular Physics

  • Required Cognates:

CHEM 111, 111L General Chemistry 1, laboratory
CHEM 112, 112L General Chemistry 1I, laboratory
CHEM 113, 113L General Chemistry 1II, laboratory

MATH 131 Calculus I
MATH 132 Calculus II

MATH 133 Calculus III

  • Plus, choice of 6 elective units from:

PHYS 308 Computational Physics
PHYS 315 Modern Physics
MATH 461 Biomathematical Modeling I
MATH 462 Biomathematical Modeling II
BIOL 466 Systems Physiology
CHEM 491, 491L Biochemistry I, with laboratory
CHEM 492, 492L Biochemistry II, with laboratory
CHEM 493, 493L Biochemistry III, with laboratory
PHYS 298/498 Directed Research


Any other Biology or Neuroscience course