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Physics Department Scholarship

The Physics Department faculty saw a pressing need to provide financial assistance and recognition to students studying within that department. Over time, the faculty has involved alumni and friends in supporting and increasing this scholarship, so that it is now a fully funded endowed scholarship. Each year current students, as well as numerous alumni, describe the best aspect of their education at La Sierra University as being the personal care and attention they received from faculty members. This endowment exemplifies how the faculty can impact the lives of students. 

Horace and Maryam Crogman (H.M.C.) Scholarship

This scholarship is established by Horace and Maryam Crogman to show his dedication to his department and financial support for all students as well as his dedication to physics and his commitment to research. Worthy and deserving students who are Physics and Biophysics majors will be the recipients.


La Sierra University also offers other institutional and privately donated scholarships to students. These funds usually do not need to be repaid and are based on your academic performance. Visit our Financial Aid page to learn more and take advantage!

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