Looking For A Career In A Health Profession?

Do you enjoy helping people? Does being involved in health care interest you? According to the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, half of the 20 most rapidly growing occupations in the United States are in the field of health care.

  • In good economic times or bad, the need for health care is always strong.
  • At La Sierra University, we want to help you realize your career dream.
  • Whether you are aiming for medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, or another field of health care, we can help you meet all of the requirements for acceptance into any health professions program at Loma Linda University or the university of your choice.
  • In fact, we have more students accepted into Loma Linda than any other Adventist college or university.
  • You can get to know your professors and fellow students on our friendly campus.
  • You can join music groups, sports teams, worship groups, and student organizations.
  • And the Pre-Health Professions staff is here to advise and help you all along the way.

Programs Offered

Explore the degrees and programs we offer here at La Sierra University. Whether you are looking to complete prerequisites for a program you are looking to enter or you need a 4-year degree we have what you need.

Explore Career Options

You know you want to do something in health care, but not exactly sure what. Find out about various careers in health care that we put you on track to prepare for. You can view job duties, pay scale, job outlook, pre-requisites needed to enter the program and more.

Career Center

As a pre-health major you will most likely continue your education and the Career Center will help you:

  • Prep for your grad school interview
  • Review your personal statements.
  • Connect with job shadowing and internships opportunities
  • If you decide not to continue your education we will help you with your job search and career options. 

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