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Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding representing appropriate breadth and depth in selected content areas of psychology.
  • Design and conduct basic studies to address psychological questions, using appropriate research methods.
  • Use critical thinking effectively.
  • Identify appropriate applications of psychology in solving problems.
  • Seek and evaluate scientific evidence for psychological claims.
  • Tolerate ambiguity and realize that psychological explanations are often complex and tentative.
  • Demonstrate information competence in relevant areas.
  • Use information and technology ethically and responsibly.
  • Demonstrate effective writing skills in various formats (e.g., essays, correspondence, technical papers, note taking) and for various purposes (e.g., informing, defending, persuading, arguing, teaching).
  • Reflect on their experiences and find meaning in them, including as they relate to their personal spiritual commitments and the Seventh-day Adventist orientation of the University.
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