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Academic Calendar 2014 - 2015

Instruction begins & registration late fee is appliedMarch 30
Last day to add a classApril 7
Registration for summer sessionsApril 13 through first day of classes
Last day to withdraw with no record on transcriptApril 10
Last day to submit an S/U petition or withdraw with a “W”May 22
Memorial Day holidayMay 25
Registration for fall quarterApril 27 - October 6
Final examinationsJune 8-11
Spring quarter endsJune 11
ConsecrationJune 12
Worship ServiceJune 13
Educator DedicationJune 13
Commencement ConcertJune 13
Conferring of DegreesJune 14

How To Register

Verify that the following requirements have been completed:

  • A. Student is admitted to La Sierra University (ID and web PIN received with acceptance letter).
  • B. All holds must be cleared
  • C. (Undergraduates) met with advisor to receive course schedule approval.

Procedure for Registration:

  1. Log in to Self-Service
  2. Login: ID # and 6 digit Web PIN (6-digit date of birth)
    (i.e., if your birth date is February 10, 1980 your PIN is 021080)
    To reset your pin, call (951) 785-2006, or email registrar@lasierra.edu
  3. Click on Students > Register for Classes >  Add/Drop Classes > Select Term
  4. Enter the CRN numbers for your desired classes then click Submit Changes button.
  5. Click on Menu.
  6. Now you MUST confirm registration to retain your reserved classes. Click Confirmation of Registration and follow instructions.
  7. Click on Menu.
  8. Click Student Schedule by Day & Time and/or Student Detail Schedule to view your schedule, print it, verify all courses, units, sections, days and times. If you have variable unit courses (e.g. 2-4 units) click on Change Class Options to select approved number of units.

*All students must complete the Confirmation of Registration online or send by mail/fax to Student Financial Services Office by midnight on the day of registration, or you will be withdrawn from all classes.

You are responsible for the accuracy of your registration.

How to drop courses

  1. Log in to Self-Service

    • Login: ID # and 6 digit Web PIN (6-digit date of birth) 
      (i.e., if your birth date is February 10, 1980 your PIN is 021080)
      To reset your pin, call (951) 785-2006, or email registrar@lasierra.edu

  2. Click on Students > Register for Classes >  Add/Drop Classes > Select Term

  3. Under the Current Schedule section, select Web Drop for the desired class under the Action drop-down menu

  4. Click Submit Changes

  5. Review the Current Schedule section to make sure the changes were applied

Note: For a Total Withdrawal, students MUST obtain the consent of the Office of Student Financial Services before withdrawing online or in person. A total withdrawal can only be processed within the current quarter on or before the last day to withdraw classes.

Conference Teacher Registration

  1. Tuition Waiver Authorization* and Transcript Release form must be submitted to the Records Office from the Conference which employs the teacher. Contact the Conference for further information on this form. THIS FORM DOES NOT REGISTER YOU—please continue with the steps below.

  2. Registration—Two ways to register for classes depending on status:

    1. For a teacher not formally accepted to a degree or credential program**:

      Complete the Unspecified Student Registration Form and submit to the Records Office Front Desk to begin the registration process.
      You may fax form to (951) 785-2447.
      If you have any questions, call (951) 785-2006 or email registrar@lasierra.edu
    2. For a teacher already accepted to a degree or credential program:

      Follow the web registration instructions under the column "How to Register" to the left.

  3. To stay on-campus while taking classes, reserve your room ahead of time.  Complete the Teacher's Residence Hall Application, the Summer Housing Clearance, and pay a $100 dorm deposit.

*The tuition waiver is limited to 12 units of tuition per academic year, and it does not cover all programs offered at the University. Programs that are not covered include, but are not limited to the following, off-campus programs, tours, and certain degrees such as MBA.

**If you wish to apply for form

How to Access Your Self-Service Account and Email Setup

Visit La Sierra's website at lasierra.edu.
Click on the “Self-Service” link that is located under the Quick Links in blue at the top right menu.
Enter your USER ID and PASSWORD in the self-service page.
The USER ID is the same as the student’s school ID number.
Your password is your six digit birth date for first time users. (mmddyy)
If you do not know your student ID number or your password, contact the Registrar’s Office at (951) 785-2006 or registrar@lasierra.edu.

In the MAIN MENU click on the following:

  1. “Students”
  2. “Forgot Password?”
  3. “Set Password”

Input a password within the given guidelines, re-enter the same password for verification, and then click “submit”.


  • Go to email.lasierra.edu, type you username without “@lasierra.edu” and your password.

Or for first time users you can follow the steps below:

  • Go to www.lasierra.edu and click on the drop down box called “Quick Links” and then click on “myCampus Portal”.
  • Next, enter the user name, which is the same as the La Sierra email without the “@lasierra.edu” (xxxxxxxx@lasierra.edu).
  • Then, input the password, which is the same password for the La Sierra email.
  • Once logged in, click on the Gmail icon to access your emails.

Graduation Checklist Timeline & Rules



3rd week of Fall Quarter
Graduation deadline for Spring Graduates
Fall and Winter QuartersEvaluators email students  with comments about their contracts
  • Approved
  • Additional information requested, etc
Mid JanuaryRegistrar meets with members of senior class in assembly
  • Provide graduation information
  • Graduation requirements
  • Latin honors requirements (Summa, magna, cum laude)
  • Do not invite parents  before checking with your evaluator
After each quarter
Students must notify evaluators of classes that they failed and must submit a new senior contract outlining the new changes.
March 19
Transcripts for correspondence and equivalency exams due
May 20Graduation list is posted online
May 22Minimum grade required for students taking classes off campus
June 1
Pick up regalia (Caps and Gowns) in Book Store
June 12 to 14Commencements Ceremonies

Academic Advisor Listing

FreshmanPlease contact the Center for Student Academic Success to be advised. (951-785-2452)
New TransferPlease contact the Center for Student Academic Success to be advised. (951-785-2452)
Continuing Students


  • Cheryl Bauman (Ext - 2624) – (E-mail: cbauman@lasierra.edu) *Email prefered
  • Gary Chartier (Ext - 2181) – (E-mail: gchartie@lasierra.edu) *Email prefered


  • ACA - (Ext – 2053)
  • Art - (Ext – 2170)
  • Biology - (Ext – 2000)
  • Chemistry - (Ext – 2148)
  • Communication - (Ext – 2241)
  • Computer Info System - (Ext – 2000)
  • Criminal Justice - (951-272-6300)
  • English - (Ext – 2241)
  • Film - (Ext – 2620)
  • HES - (Ext – 2084)
  • History of Politics & Society - (Ext – 2065)
  • Individual Major - (Ext – 2000)
  • Liberal Studies - (Ext – 2266 or 2211)
  • Mathematics- (Ext - 2000)
  • Music - (Ext – 2036)
  • Neuroscience - (Ext – 2099)
  • Philosophical Studies - (Ext – 2015)
  • Physics - (Ext – 2136)
  • Pre-Professional – (Ext – 2490)
  • Psychology - (Ext – 2099)
  • Social Work - (Ext – 2915)
  • World Languages - (Ext – 2257)


  • Please contact the secretary to be directed to your advisor. (951-785-2041)
ACCESSPlease contact Carrie Engevik to be advised.
(E-mail: cengevik@lasierra.edu)

Contact Us

Contact the Records Office

La Sierra University
4500 Riverwalk Parkway 
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Phone: (951) 785-2006
Phone: (951) 785-2447 Fax

Office Location

Administration Building Room #122

Office Hours

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

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