• The University must have written permission from the student in order to release any information from a student’s educational record.
  • Consider everyone other than the student a third party, including the student’s parents and friends.
  • If a student approaches you in public to discuss a grade or test score, try to move the conversation to a private venue.
  • A student cannot be required or coerced into providing written permission for the release of his/her education records.
  • Get the student’s written request for letters of recommendation.
  • If you are contacted by an individual or agency seeking information about student educational records, refer them to the Records Office.
  • Do not post grades publicly unless done so under a private code (for example, do NOT use an ID number or full/partial name).  The code must not be personally identifiable.
  • Do not send grades via postcard, fax or email.  These media do not guarantee confidentiality, and may be considered violations of FERPA.
  • Never discuss grades, academic performance or other non-directory information over the phone.
  • If you have questions regarding FERPA compliance, please refer them to the Records Office and Records at x2006 or
  • Should any complaints ever need to be filed, please send them to:

Family Policy Compliance Office
US Department of Education
400 Maryland Ave SW
Washington, D.C. 20202-5920

  • Last update on  May 09, 2013