Records Office

The Mission of the Records Office is to facilitate the processing of registration, evaluation and degree awarding while protecting integrity, providing quality, and Christ-Centered service to the constituents of La Sierra University.

FAQ's - Frequent Asked Questions

1 - How do I register online?

Students must log into their self-service account to register online.

2 - What is my USER ID for my Self-Service account?

The USER ID for self-service is your student ID number.

3 - How do I reset my password for my Self-Service account?

If you forget your password, click on “Forgot Password” and answer the security questions you previously set up to reset your password to your six digit date of birth. If you don’t know your security questions or never set them up, contact the Records Office at 951-785-2006 to have it reset manually.

4 - What is an alternate pin and how do I obtain one?

The alternate pin is a five digit code that allows students to register online. Only advisors can issue alternate pins to students.

5 - Why do I have holds and how do I clear them?

A registration hold is placed on a student’s account when there is an issue that needs to be resolved. Holds may be viewed under “Student Records” in Self-Service. Students should contact the department that issued the hold to find out how to settle the issue and clear the hold.

6 - What does “Pre-requisite or test error” mean?

This error restricts registration for particular classes because a student is trying to register for a class for which he or she does not qualify. Some classes require additional classes and/or placement exams prior to registering for the class. The minimum grade for all pre-requisite classes is “C”.

7 - What does “Level restriction” mean?

A level restriction occurs when Freshman and Sophomore students try to register for classes that are 300 level and above. Students must have Junior or Senior standing to register for 300 or 400 level courses. (Juniors = 88-135 units; Seniors = 136 units or more)

8 - What does “Maximum Hours Reached” mean?

This error occurs when a student tries to register for more than 18 units (or more than 13 units if the student has provisional status). Students must contact the Dean of their school to petition an overload before they can register for more than 18 units.

9 - What is my email address and my email password?

A student’s email address is their first initial, the first three letters of their last name, the last three numbers of their student ID number, and followed by ex) Mickey Mouse ID#123456 = The password for La Sierra email address is set up by students through their self-service accounts.

10 - How do I reset my email address password?

Students can reset their email passwords through their self-service accounts by clicking on “Forgot Password” under the “Student” tab. Only the student may perform this action.

11 - When can I start registering for classes?

Dates for class registration and withdrawal vary each quarter. Students must view the academic calendar on the La Sierra Website to stay informed of deadlines.

12 - What does “Student Status Prohibits Registration” mean?

This error occurs when a student’s term status is marked as inactive. Students with this problem must contact the Admissions Office for more information at 951-785-2176.

13 - How do I know what classes to register for?

Students must speak with their advisors to know which classes to register for. Also, students may view their program guidelines under the La Sierra bulletins at

14 - What if the class I need to register for is full?

If a class is full, students must select a different section or speak with the instructor to see if adding is a possibility. Only the instructor may override a student into full classes.

15 - What is an override?

An override is the authority given by faculty for students to register for restricted class. Overrides are placed online through the student self-service account. Once an override is placed on to a student’s account, the student has 48 hours to register for the class or else the override expires.

16 - How many units are needed for Full-Time status?

12 units are needed for full-time status for undergraduate students and 6 units for graduate students.

17 - How do I transfer my classes from a different college?

To transfer credits, students must request their official transcript from the college they attended and mail it to the Records Office at 4500 Riverwalk Pkwy. Riverside, CA 92515. Transcripts are ONLY considered official if they are mailed DIRECTLY from the colleges themselves.  If the student is admitted, transcripts will be processed within 2-4 weeks.

18 - How do I change my name or address?

Students must fill out a Data Correction formand provide the appropriate documentation (ex. State ID, Marriage Certificate, etc.) to show proof of changes. This form is available at the Records Office in the administration building.

19 - How do I get approval to take classes at a different college?

Before taking classes at a different college, students must fill out an Off-Campus Registration Formto make sure the courses are transferable. This form is available at the Records Office or by visiting

20 - How do I get my official transcripts?

To order transcripts, students must fill out a Transcript Request Form and follow the instructions on the form.