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Records Office

Pacific Union Conference Teacher Registration Instructions

Please follow steps in the order listed below:

  1. Tuition Waiver Authorization* and Transcript Release form must be submitted to the Records Office from the Conference which employs the teacher. Contact the Conference for further information on this form. THIS FORM DOES NOT REGISTER YOU—please continue with the steps below.

  2. Registration—Two ways to register for classes depending on status:

    1. For a teacher not formally accepted to a degree or credential program**:

      Complete the Unspecified Student Registration Form and submit to the Records Office Front Desk to begin the registration process You may fax form to (951) 785-2447. If you have any questions, call (951) 785-2006 or email registrar@lasierra.edu

    2. For a teacher already accepted to a degree or credential program:

      Follow the web registration instructions found here.

  3. To stay on-campus while taking classes, reserve your room ahead of time.  Complete the Teacher's Residence Hall Application, the Summer Housing Clearance, and pay a $100 dorm deposit.


*The tuition waiver is limited to 12 units of tuition per academic year, and it does not cover all programs offered at the University. Programs that are not covered include, but are not limited to the following, off-campus programs, tours, and certain degrees such as MBA.

**If you wish to apply for formal acceptance to pursue a degree or credential program, please click here for instructions.

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