When answering the phone:
Good [Morning/Afternoon/Evening] thank you for calling [Dorm Name]. This is [Your Name]. How may I help you?

Ask the Caller:
May I let him/her know who is calling and what it is regarding?
(NOTE:  There is ALWAYS a dean on duty. Call or text BEFORE telling the caller the dean's status or location!

When someone is not available and you need to take a message:
He or she is not available at the moment. Is there anything I can do to help you or may I take a message?

When putting someone on hold:
Ask nicely for the individual to hold and wait until they say ok or yes. When you pick the line back up, thank them for holding, “Thank you for holding.

Listen to the Caller and what they have to say:
It is always a good habit to repeat the information back to the caller when you are taking a message. Verify that you have heard and transcribed the message accurately.

ResLife - Messaging System

ResLife - Messaging System