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Residential Life


Off Campus Living

On Campus Living

Spending an average of 9 hours per week shopping, cooking, cleaning up—that is if your roommate actually does clean up their dirty dishes…yuk!

Meals Prepared for You
An all you can eat dining facility and a café with fresh and organic foods. No shopping for groceries, no time spent preparing meals, and best of all…no dirty dishes!

A landlord is legally required to maintain the property in a habitable condition, but the actual condition of rental properties can vary throughout the off-campus community. Plus, you’ll have to work with landlords or property managers to get repairs made.

Well-maintained Facilities in a comfortable, safe and healthy environment, and maintenance staff ready to respond promptly to residents’ facilities problems.

Asking your roommate to be quiet so you can study (or commuting to campus so you can study).

Designated Places to Study
Library, learning support center, residence hall tutoring center, study rooms, and more.

Year-long leases, and the responsibility of finding someone to sublet your place during the summer.

Academic year contracts that follow the school year.

Where you live as a university student directly impacts the quality of your educational experience. Make your housing and dining needs the least of your concerns by choosing university housing.

  • One bill covers ALL your living expenses.
  • No need to deal with landlords, negotiate with plumbers, or worry about being locked out.
  • Save on gas, parking fees and avoid the hassles of commuter traffic.
  • Enjoy easy access to the many campus amenities: library, health club, Eagle’s nest, recreational facilities, group and individual study rooms.

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